Speed and uptime. They’re two measurements we talk about a lot as a managed WordPress platform provider. In many ways, they’re our currency. And if we miss the mark on speed and uptime, our customers won’t stand for it.

Your WordPress sites deserve rapid response times and as little downtime as possible; and it’s our mission to deliver that.

That’s why we are honored that Cloud Spectator, an independent IaaS performance testing firm, found we were the No. 1 managed WordPress hosting provider in terms of speed and uptime for December 2014.

According to Cloud Spectator’s findings, our page response times average was an industry-leading 250 milliseconds in December 2014, earning us the No. 1 spot.

Cloud Spectator also found that we led the pack for uptime among managed WordPress providers. Downtime is a reality in our business (and we had customers who experienced downtime in the month of December), and we strive to ensure our customers’ sites are up and running. If they do go down, we’re at the ready to get them back up.

We’re extremely proud and humbled by Cloud Spectator’s findings,  but this isn’t an invitation for us to rest on our laurels. We’ll continue to innovate to ensure that your WordPress sites are fast and reliable. And if they’re not, call us on it – our technical support team of WordPress experts will make it right.