The web empowers businesses to be truly global. WordPress has become a platform that gives a voice to the entire world – it provides the tools that enable organizations and individuals to tell stories, reach their audiences, and build their businesses.

Technology is the great equalizer, and the pace at which it’s tearing down global silos is astounding. Having a global presence is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

We constantly aspire to provide excellent WordPress management and support to our customers around the world – we now deliver 24x7x365 service to customers and partners in 128 countries.

London is the perfect place for us to continue building out our international footprint. London is Europe’s technology gateway; a hotbed for start-ups, digital businesses, and innovation; and home to a significant number of our European customers.

This week, we’re officially opening the doors of WP Engine London, our European headquarters in London’s go-to neighborhood for entrepreneurs and creatives: Shoreditch, in the heart of “Tech City.” More specifically, we’re in Second Home, an exclusive co-working space that was designed to not only appeal to coders, but to aesthetes. Second Home sits at the intersection of beauty and functionality, and we’re sharing the space with some great companies like Foursquare, General Assembly, SurveyMonkey, TaskRabbit, and Santander.

This amazing street art is located on Hanbury Street, near our new London office.

Second Home offers us the unique opportunity to work alongside of and network with other growing companies. Together, we can explore ideas outside of our own and also engage socially through community events. It creates a mix of cultures and mindsets that sparks innovation.

Launching WP Engine London aligns perfectly with one of my strongest passions: building global teams, which brings together people and cultures and flattens the globe with common goals. The new London office expands our global team of WordPress specialists. We look forward to continuing to delight customers, wherever they are in the world!

A 25-year tech industry vet, Heather is passionate about building high performing global teams and businesses. When she’s not at WP Engine, Heather’s in the Bikram hot room or experiencing the world in tandem with her two amazing daughters. Follow Heather on Twitter @heatherjbrunner.