One of my good friends runs a playhouse that puts on shows regularly to great reviews. Their website visitor traffic is fairly constant and drives almost all of their ticket sales on a daily basis. They’re a small business with less than 10 full time employees and a lot of volunteers. Recently, they had an astoundingly good review and one of their plays was a runaway hit. Their web host throttled them when they hit their plan limit and they lost a large amount of sales due to loss of uptime.

They are now moving to WP Engine.

We never throttle customers or cut their sites off for getting a traffic spike. Traffic spikes are a great thing to happen to your site, and WP Engine wants to be your partner in that.

Bridging the gap

We’ve noticed that sometimes the set plan limits on visitors may not be enough for our customer sites in a given month. Traffic spikes and natural site growth have a habit of bumping sites over the plan limits in a given month, and until now, WP Engine hasn’t had a way to bridge the gap between, for example, the $29 Personal plan and the $99 Pro plan, which might sometimes mean that customers feel the pressure to upgrade before their budgets permit.

For my friends at the playhouse where every dollar matters, the extra money saved from not having to switch to a new more expensive plan every month is a good thing for them. It keeps costs in line while allowing them the peace of mind to know we’ll handle their sudden spikes in traffic.

So to provide this bridge between plans, and to cover the incremental costs of keeping our server capacity open for your extra visits, starting in September, WP Engine will begin allowing for overages on the number of monthly visits for your plan level with a simple pricing approach.

In the next few weeks, customers will be receiving a tailored email depending on their current usage. This will include details about your visitor count, and details about the plan. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions via the email as well.

How Overages Will Work

If your traffic should ever exceed the set amount described in your plan, you’ll notice overages added to your invoice in blocks of 1,000 visits at $1 per block.  If you are on an annual payment plan and exceed the allotted monthly limits, we will charge your account for the overage fees for that month.

As an example, on a Personal plan that has a limit of 25,000 visitors a month, if you get an extra 20,000 visitors you only get charged $20 for the increased traffic over the plan limit. Since our next plan level is Professional at $99 per month, the overage charge saves you the extra cost of $50 per month had we upgraded you to the next plan level.

For now, if your website sees a one-time traffic spike, or you’re over your current plan limits, WP Engine servers will handle the spike in visitors, and you can stay on the same pricing plan. However, if your traffic is closer to the next pricing plan, we may reach out to recommend that you upgrade as it would be cheaper for you than paying for the overages.

You can soon monitor your account usage at any time from within our User Portal. There, we will indicate if your plan is already over limit. This will give you the opportunity to change your traffic levels, anticipate the overage cost or upgrade to a higher plan.

If you have any questions please open a ticket and we’ll be glad to respond.

Thank you for being our customer,
Tomas and the WP Engine Team