At WP Engine, we’re committed to fostering a company culture that reflects our Core Values and is welcoming and inclusive for all. 

Our Employee Resource Groups are an integral part of that effort. Not only do they provide community and representation to the many lived experiences of our employees, these groups work continuously to offer impactful and inspiring programming that brings education and awareness to all.

While each of our ERGs is active throughout the year, Rise has a range of activities planned throughout February to celebrate and commemorate Black History Month

Rise aims to provide a safe, inclusive environment for the advancement, advocacy, and education of BIPOC and allies by intentionally increasing awareness of the perspectives and experiences of those at WP Engine and in our communities. 

Throughout the month of February, members of Rise, together with other WP Engine employees, will spearhead a number of activities focused on Black Health and Wellness,  including recovery, restoration, and the promotion of healthy habits.

From meditation sessions and self-care initiatives to discussions around mental health, Rise members will lead activities each week that emphasize wellness as a holistic unification of mind, body, and spirit.

To expand on this concept, we asked WP Engine leaders what comes to mind when they hear the word “wellness,” and why they believe it’s important. Here’s what they had to say:

“I believe wellness is important because bringing our best to work (and the world) and helping others do the same, requires that we first focus on our own well-being.  We can’t effectively help others if wellness is not a priority in our own lives.”   

Keith Fafel – VP, Product

“I believe wellness is important because when these dimensions are in harmony then you live a joyful, purpose-driven life.  In harmony is very subjective and personal!  It is different for each of us; shaped by the unique context of living, doing life!”  

Enid Jimenez – Director, Engineering

“I believe wellness is important because without it, one can’t enjoy the moments in life both big and small, and every activity becomes a chore. Without wellness, you can’t be truly present for yourself, for your loved ones, and for your community.”

Ramadass Prabhakar – SVP Global Engineering

“I believe wellness is important because it affects the quality of life I lead; happiness and joy I can derive from being around my loved ones, my work, my hobbies.”

Suchitra Hari – Director of Engineering

“I believe wellness is important because it impacts our emotions and actions.”

Yangyang Hao – Director, Employee Experience Operations • People Ops & Rewards

“I believe wellness is important because nothing is sustainable without it. Wellness is the needed balance in life that leads to better mental and physical health.”

Lara Weinacht – Culture & Engmt Program Manager, Lead • People Ops & Rewards

“Wellness is important because of how much falls under that umbrella and how interconnected that all is.  Any part of ‘wellness’ being faulty can lead to the entire car ‘stalling.’ We are all too accustomed to leaving the check engine light on, while still driving down the highway at 90 mph. And that mindset is dangerous.”

Anand Reddy – Director, Talent Acquisition

“I was so happy to hear our leaders recognize the importance of wellbeing in the workplace,” said Jennifer Parker, WP Engine Sr. Manager, Engineering and Rise Chapter Representative.

“When I hear the word wellness, I think of the holistic interconnectivity of mind, body, and spirit.  When I hear black health and wellness, I think of the sacrifice, courage, and progression of our black health and medical practitioners from the past through the present day.” 

“Before arriving at a place where they could nurture and thrive, these historical pioneers faced some unimaginable challenges to reach their achievements of professional recognition.  As a result, their efforts have shored up a growing number of health facilities and medical institutions to foster the awareness of health and wellness in black communities.” 

“Hats off to all of our courageous black scholars, health, and medical practitioners, thank you!!”

To find out more about Black History Month, including a great lineup of virtual events taking place throughout February, visit The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) as well as all of the links listed below: 

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National Archives – African American History Portal

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For more information about WP Engine, our workplace culture, and the different employee-led initiatives we support year-round, visit our Careers Page