Open Doors - Engine for Good Program

Providing opportunity for all.

WP Engine aspires to attract, hire, and grow the best people from all walks of life. We have the broadest possible view of diversity, going beyond visible differences to include the backgrounds, experiences, skills, and perspectives that make each person unique.

Open Doors is comprised of WP Engine's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which represent the wide range of diverse and inclusive groups that make up WP Engine.


Sheroes is focused on 1) inspiring women at WP Engine and within the Austin tech community to own their paths to professional and personal success, 2) empowering through an inspired knowledge base and personal insights shared through a community of mutually supportive people, and 3) establishing an open forum for all interested in our mission in order to stay informed and active in growing together toward a diverse and inclusive workforce.



Represents' mission is to intentionally increase awareness of the perspectives and experiences of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups within the tech industry and to increase the number of opportunities for all.


Pride aims to promote education, acceptance, and representation as it relates to the LGBTQIA+ community inside and outside of WP Engine. We act as a resource to personally and professionally develop our LGBTQIA+ community members.

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