Announcing Restore Points From WP Engine

We’re deploying a new feature that makes it simple to restore your WordPress in case something goes wrong in your deployment.  It’s called Restore Points.  It’s a bit like Time Machine for WordPress.  If something goes wrong on your site, or you deploy something that breaks everything, Restore Points allows you to restore your site back to its previous, pristine state.

Think of this like being able to save your progress in Super Mario Bros on the original NES.  If you’ve put an hour or two of work only to have some punk turtle kill you right before you defeat Bowser.

WordPress design shouldn’t be all or nothing like that.  Restore Points makes it simple to create a restore point and bring your site back to normal again.

How cool is this!?!

You’ll notice Restore Points in the menu of your My WP Engine Account. Open it up and you’ll see a history of checkpoints to which you can restore your site back.   New Restore Points are created automatically for your site at 3AM each morning.

Really, isn't this awesome?

You can create your own restore checkpoint as well.  That way you can set a restore point right before you deploy new changes and have a coding safety net.

Our staging feature already meant you could try out new plugins and code changes without fear of a public failure.  Now you can be even bolder with your public site since Restore Points means you’ve always got a backup of our site and an easy way to return your site to working order if anything happens.

It‘s peace of mind for WordPress – courtesy of WP Engine.  


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  1. This is fantastic! Much easier/better than the WP Snapshot plugin.

    I’m leaving this comment so Google indexes the keyword “snapshot” in case anyone else like me is searching for what replaced that plugin 🙂

  2. How do i download a full backup of all files and databases without using SFTP? Can this be done from the users portal?

    The last backup i downloaded from the D/L zip was only 40mg so it isn’t a full backup


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