When it comes to handling a series of complex, cumbersome products, time to market can be a major issue. However, rushing a project to meet time demands could compromise the quality of your work. So how does one find a happy balance between the two? Click Here Labs has their story to tell.

A digital division of The Richards Group, Click Here Labs handles all digital technology and production for the advertising agency. Upon encountering a wide volume of cumbersome projects, the digital division ran into some serious issues; the project demands made it very difficult to compete on price and time to market.

“We needed a simpler, more streamlined solution, but one that would not compromise the quality or creativity or reliability of the product,” said Randy Bradshaw, Principal at Click Here Labs.

In this case study, discover how Click Here Labs overcame time constraints by switching to WordPress. You’ll also find out how they were able to debunk security concerns about WordPress to their clients, and the winning results they saw by enabling WP Engine’s performance platform. Read their story now:

Case Study: Click Here Labs wins With WordPress

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