As a developer, your goal is to make slick and powerful websites for your clients and let your awesome work do the talking. You don’t want to deal with hosting invoices or chasing down your clients to pay for hosting services.

Simply put: you’re not a collections agent, and you don’t want to be one.

WP Engine’s transferable installs and billing transfer empower you to focus on your work while leaving the hassle of hosting costs and billing to us.

It works like this: transferable installs allow you to simultaneously develop and test an unrestricted number of client sites directly on the WP Engine managed WordPress hosting platform at no additional cost. And when a site is production-ready, you can transfer the completed site, wp-admin dashboard, and bill to your client’s WP Engine account, and we’ll invoice your client, not you. (And if your client doesn’t have a WP Engine account, we’ll walk them through setting one up.) Plus, you can maintain access to the transferred installs for continued collaboration and additional development.

Transferable installs and billing transfer are now available on the WP Engine managed WordPress hosting platform, which empowers you to quickly and reliably build and deploy WordPress sites that are secure, scalable, speedy, and backed by world-class service and support.

You no longer have to worry about billing your clients for hosting and infrastructure costs or get distracted by incurring additional charges during development. Rather, you can focus on building great sites—we’ll handle the rest.

You want to make websites, not be saddled with hosting invoices and added costs. WP Engine transferable installs and billing transfer let you get back to business.

Transferable installs and billing transfer are available now on all WP Engine plans. For more information, check out