On the heels of WordPress releasing version 4.2 just last week, we wanted to share a new feature that will give you even more control over updates to your WP Engine-powered WordPress site.

WordPress is ever-evolving and we at WP Engine strive to provide a platform that’s secure. We want the experience of updating WordPress, which is a necessity for a successful WordPress site, to be as easy and trouble free as possible.

Our top priority is the stability, security, and functionality of your sites, and we want to give you time to test the new version against your current configuration. In accordance to our WordPress Update policy for non-security releases, we begin updating our customers’ sites two weeks after a core release (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, etc.).

About WP Engine Automatic Core Upgrades

If you’re not already familiar with how WP Engine performs WordPress updates, here’s a brief rundown: our system will send out two notices before the process starts; one notice will be sent seven days prior to your scheduled update, and the second will be sent four hours before the update begins.

Should you find, as the date gets closer, that you need more time to prepare your site(s) for the next version of WordPress, you can request a deferral for up to 60 days. Please note that you can only defer major releases of WordPress core (4.0, 4.1, 4.2).

Deferring an Upgrade for an Install

Deferring an upgrade is simple: log in to the WP Engine user portal and visit the install overview page for the install you would like to defer. You’ll see the WordPress core box on the right. This contains information about your current version of WordPress. It will also let you know if your site is currently up to date, or out of date. You’ll also see a checkbox that allows you to put your install into deferred upgrade mode.


How Deferred Upgrade Mode Works

When you set your install into deferred upgrade mode, we will not upgrade your install in our first round of WordPress core upgrades. This gives you 60 extra days to test your site against the new version of WordPress. You will get a notice seven days before we attempt to upgrade your deferred install.

If you deferred your install and decide you are ready to upgrade before the 60-day deferral expires, you can always contact our Support Team, who can upgrade your site using our Automatic Core Upgrade process.

We hope you enjoy using this feature which gives you even more control of your WordPress core updates, while still allowing you to leverage WP Engine’s Automatic Upgrade process. We hope this features makes updating WordPress as easy and trouble free as possible. Thank you for being a WP Engine customer and for trusting us with your WordPress site.

3020 Taylor McCaslinTaylor McCaslin works as a Product Manager at WP Engine. WordPress has been Taylor’s platform of choice for over 5 years, he even paid his way through college by freelancing as a WordPress developer! When not creating products that captivate and delight, you’ll find Taylor geeking out with the latest tech gadget or experiencing the rich Austin art scene.

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