The Genesis Framework is the most popular framework for building beautiful, future-proof themes for WordPress. While developers have long relied on it to make their jobs easier, digital marketers have been using Genesis for just as long to generate success in the digital experiences they build.

Going back to the early days of Genesis, the theme framework was one of the earliest to incorporate digital marketing and SEO tools that helped fill some of the gaps left by WordPress itself (e.g. meta title/descriptions). With the combination of these digital marketing tools and the framework’s ability to make great-looking, professional themes, Genesis quickly became a favorite of digital marketers building valuable experiences with WordPress. 

When WP Engine acquired StudioPress in June 2018, we noted at the time that we planned on investing in Genesis to help the framework evolve and continue to serve the community that relies on it. While we’ve already begun doing that through investment in new theme capabilities and developer talent, as well as the release of new, Gutenberg-ready StudioPress themes, we’re now expanding that focus to include a refresh of Genesis’ digital marketing capabilities.

That begins with WP Engine employing the services of Greg Boser of Foundation Digital to help define the next generation of digital marketing tools within Genesis. Greg helped shape the first generation of digital marketing tools in Genesis and we’re excited for the opportunity to do more for the Genesis community through new features and strategies that will help them grow.

Greg is a longtime mega-influencer in the SEO and digital marketing communities, and many know him from the podcast he used to co-host, SEO Rockstars. He will be conducting a detailed audit of the StudioPress product suite, including Genesis, in order to help the Genesis R&D and product teams determine which features they can add to help bring Genesis into the next evolution of digital marketing and WordPress.

Finally, the StudioPress product team is conducting one-on-one interviews with digital marketers who use WordPress and Genesis from around the community. We want to hear from them directly about the pain points they’re encountering, what their priorities are, and the ways we can help set them up for future success. We’ll continue making tweaks to Genesis and the StudioPress themes based on the information we glean from these interviews.

We’re taking these steps because we are absolutely committed to helping our customers win with growth, we’re committed to helping them get more exposure for their site, and do well with things like SEO. We’ll also continue looking for new opportunities to help customers perform well in other digital marketing channels as well.

Stay tuned for more details as we move forward with this laundry list of opportunities to deliver even more value from the digital marketing feature set within Genesis. We’ll continue to provide updates on the WP Engine blog, and as we roll out future improvements to the digital marketing capabilities Genesis has to offer, we’ll also communicate directly with members of the Genesis and wider digital marketing communities.

Most importantly, WP Engine and StudioPress are committed to helping our customers win online, and by providing them with the best digital marketing tools available, we’re taking another step in that direction.