At WP Engine, we believe our people are the core of every success, award, milestone and every achievement. That’s because employees who truly feel empowered and validated by their workplace are energized to delight and inspire the customer in every interaction. When new employees walk through the door on the first day, they’re encouraged to be their authentic and dynamic selves; and to embrace their inherent creativity and problem-solving nature. At WP Engine, information flows freely and equally. This transparency enables every employee to make their unique mark on the business because they understand how that ladders up to the company’s core strategic objectives.

Building an enduring culture, even during periods of growth, takes intention. That’s why WP Engine codified its core values. They keep us grounded and serve as a guiding principle for large and small decisions alike. Every new employee is introduced to them during orientation by WP Engine’s Chairwoman and CEO, Heather Brunner. Every year, all WP Engine employees commit to them during our all-company event, All-Hands. This action serves as a powerful symbol of our dedication to who we are and what we will continue to be.

We are enormously proud to announce that WP Engine has been ranked 14th nationally as a top Midsized Workplace by Fortune Magazine. That’s even better than last year’s ranking of 45 on the Fortune list.

Fortune determined the winners in the medium-sized business category (100-999 employees) according to certain criteria:

  • 50 workplace quality questions including managers’ competence, respect, and fairness in the workplace, opportunities for meaningful work and great colleagues
  • To be considered, companies had to meet the Great Place to Work-Certified™ standard and their survey results needed at least a 95% confidence level, 6% margin of error.
  • The survey is intended to measure 5 key principles of a great workplace: credibility, respect, fairness, camaraderie, and pride

Every September, employees sign a copy of WP Engine’s core values. The values are then hung in various places around the office.

“Since day one at WP Engine, I’ve been surrounded by extremely talented people who all seem to thrive on a positivity that’s hard to find other places. I think that comes from the top down—we’re doing exciting things and people come to work every day ready to push forward on all these great projects. Even for a grump like me, that sort of atmosphere is contagious.” -Abe Selig, Content Strategist

“I love working for WP Engine because there is always a new challenge to tackle and I can honestly say I learn something new everyday. There is a company wide mentality of ‘we are all in this together’ that creates a strong sense of community and is why I enjoy coming to work.” -Alex Loeffelman, Customer Success Manager

“WP Engine cares about my personal growth and career development. I have been encouraged to lead projects outside of my job title to learn new ways to impact the business and diversify my marketing skillset.” -Jason Cross, Lead Designer