Over the past decade, WordPress has become the premier content management system (CMS) and publishing platform on the web today. Whether it’s used for personal blogs or corporate websites, WordPress is equipped to meet almost anyone’s needs and helps brands of all sizes become world-class publishers. And its flexibility has paid off: today, WordPress occupies 64 percent of the CMS market and is used by almost one in four of the top 10 million websites online.

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In our recent “Working With WordPress” report, we examined the availability of WordPress jobs in the U.S. and which geographies offer the most WordPress-focused career options.

That research led us to the question: what does this booming industry look like from the perspective of businesses? Running a major WordPress site can require a variety of specialists: content writers, editors, data analysts, and, of course, marketers for promotion. In our new special report, “The Freelance Economy And Job Market” we use data from Indeed.com and Elance.com to study these four fields, mapping which areas in the United States have the most job openings and the most freelancers available. Download our free special report now to find out more about the landscape of the freelance economy.

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