Our customers are always our No. 1 priority here at WP Engine. Every decision we make is customer inspired, and customer feedback fuels our innovation.

To that end, WP Engine has a dedicated Customer Experience Operations team whose role is to ensure we continually improve the experience you have with our platform and services. This team is responsible for making process changes across the company, influencing product features based on your feedback, and advocating for our customers.

When you speak, we listen; and based on your feedback we have made several recent improvements to your Customer Experience.

Let’s take a look at some of these improvements:

Clearer Messages About Ticket Status

Previously, some messaging sent in response to opening a ticket, updating a ticket, or receiving an update to a ticket was confusing. Sometimes it was unclear what action, if any, you needed to take.

We have made many changes to our ticket status messaging to make it more clear what the next steps are and what action you need to take. We have also updated many workflows behind the scenes to ensure consistency with the topic of the ticket you have open.

We hope this will simplify the process of getting help from our 24/7 Support Team.

Plugin Timeout Extensions

Sometimes, a plugin requires more time to complete a certain job than our platform allows. Previously, when that happened, you would receive timeouts, which prevented those jobs from completing.

We understand how important these jobs are, and as a result, we will be extending the timeout threshold for several items (listed below):

  • Gravity Forms imports and exports
  • WooCommerce CSV imports and exports
  • WP-All-Import imports and exports

Through our participation and communication within the community, we will continue to investigate which plugins are considered the most critical and we’ll ensure those plugins  perform well on the WP Engine platform.

We hope that this allows you to run those critical jobs that your business relies on. Our goal as your preferred managed WordPress hosting platform is to empower your business to be successful on WordPress.

Plugin Security Update Notifications

One of the reasons you chose WP Engine as your WordPress platform is for peace of mind that comes with knowing your site is secured by experts.

In addition to our secure platform, our team has sent more than 30 notifications over the last three months to users of plugins for which important security updates were released. It’s vital that site owners keep plugins updated to ensure they are protected from published vulnerabilities, and we hope that by notifying you when we become aware of those vulnerabilities we enable you to take quick action to secure your site.

Those are just some of the most recent updates we’ve made to improve your experience on the WP Engine platform. We value your feedback, and we’ll continue to work to make sure your Customer Experience exceeds your expectations.

At WP Engine, we welcome customer feedback. If you have thoughts on how we can improve your Customer Experience, let us know in the comments.