Highlighting its dedication to employee wellbeing and innovative workplace practices, WP Engine has been named a 2023 Best-in-Class employer by Gallagher, a global leader in insurance, risk management, and consulting services.

As more employers turn to people-driven success strategies to deliver greater value and drive employee retention, this honor not only underscores WP Engine’s commitment to creating a supportive and dynamic work environment, but also places it among the elite companies that are leading the way in employee-focused success strategies. 

Read on for more about Gallagher’s Best-in-Class selection process and what led to WP Engine’s recognition in Gallagher’s most recent annual report

Gallagher & its Best-in-Class Benchmarking Analysis

One of the leading insurance brokerage, risk management, human resources, and employee benefits consulting companies in the world, Gallagher evaluates the full spectrum of employee benefits when choosing Best-in-Class employers. 

The company’s evaluation process goes beyond standard benefits like compensation and healthcare, also considering how employers support employee health, financial security, and career growth to strike the right balance between personal wellbeing and productivity.

This year, Best-in-Class recognition was extended to 381 midsize and 112 large top-performing employers that showed exemplary dedication to bolstering the employee experience.

Gallagher compiled its findings into its annual 2023 US Workforce Trends Reports, which you can download here.

The Selection Process & Survey Results

Data collected from Gallagher’s 2023 US Benefits Strategy and Benchmarking Survey is analyzed to narrow down the final list of Best-in-Class employers. Company attributes are evaluated based on three categories:

  1. Organizational Wellbeing: this refers to whether a company views employees as a central driver of business success and gives back to those employees through organizational benefits, such as low healthcare costs and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs.
  2. Physical & Emotional Wellbeing: this category is concerned with investment in employees through more comprehensive benefits, including acknowledgment of a proper work-life balance through robust leave policies or additional benefits that foster employee wellness.
  3. Career & Financial Wellbeing: the final criterion involves a company’s investment in employee career development, whether that be through financial planning assistance, continued career education, or simply creating intentional efforts that help employees align their work with their career and financial goals.

Of the more than 1,400 midsize employers that responded to the entire set of survey questions, the top 24 percent were awarded Best-in-Class status, with only six midsize employers in the Austin area—including WP Engine—earning recognition this year. The report also identified a few high-level trends among Best-in-Class employers.

Top-ranked midsize employers were more likely than their peers to have flexibility in their work environments, with 78 percent offering a hybrid work model. In fact, 53 percent of Best-in-Class employers in the midsize category, including WP Engine, have a fully remote-first work environment compared to only 40 percent of the other respondents. 

“At WP Engine, we understand that our people are our greatest asset. This award highlights the company’s commitment to the overall wellbeing of our employees,” said WP Engine Sr. Director of Total Rewards Priya Bhavsar. 

“Over the past few years, we have doubled down on that commitment, implementing several new benefit programs and taking a more holistic approach to meeting the needs of our employees.”

Gallagher Best-in-Class employers were also more likely to offer stress management or meditation resources, better access to specialized health professionals (such as mental health or reproductive specialists), and financial planning or wealth management resources.

How WP Engine Rose to Best-in-Class Status

WP Engine’s comprehensive framework of employee resources—including our robust healthcare plans, 401k matching, clear career planning documentation, purposeful additional offerings, and strong diversity, equity, and inclusion program—have helped the company achieve Best-in-Class status.

A variety of healthcare plan options are made available to all employees, both for individual and family coverage. For those who choose HSA accounts, the company contributes funds into those accounts annually to further mitigate healthcare costs for employees ($750 for employee-only plans and $1,500 for family plans). 

Specialized coverage is also included in WP Engine healthcare plans, including mental health services that can be initiated via telehealth and three months of COBRA coverage for dependents in the event that the policy holder passes away. 

In addition to six weeks paid leave for employees caring for a sick family member and 16 weeks for primary caregivers who are welcoming a new family member (whether via birth, surrogacy, or adoption), all employees benefit from a Wellness Day each quarter. These are days that we build into our operational schedule to give employees extra time to rest and recharge.

Our remote-first work environment has become invaluable to both our remote team members as well as those who live near one of our global offices, as the need for flexibility has been identified as a top priority for both current and future WP Engine employees. 

Additionally, WP Engine’s Career Compass is a set of resources designed to guide employees through their careers at WP Engine, providing a roadmap and clear directives to show individuals how to advance their careers within the company.

Other employee resources include 401k matching, wellness spending accounts, Calm subscriptions, and our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP provides 24/7 access to financial, mental health, and wellbeing support services as well as a voluntary, opt-in legal benefit that equips employees with quality legal advice when facing common challenges such as estate planning or civil suits.

WP Engine’s DEI offerings include several unique employee resource groups tailored to the lived experiences of our employees which focus on creating community and providing educational experiences for employees from all walks of life. 

These groups have provided much value to WP Engine’s employees by providing education around allyship with demographics that are underrepresented in the tech community as well as broader topics like advice for first-time homebuyers and individuals seeking to invest or build their financial portfolios.

All these benefits and resources helped to cement WP Engine as a Gallagher Best-in-Class company. 

Build World-Class Experiences with WP Engine

WP Engine prides itself on offering not only a world-class customer experience but also a vibrant work environment for our employees.

Check out our open roles if you’re looking for your next career opportunity with a Best-in-Class employer. 

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