At WP Engine, we value our customers. So much so, we built our entire business with the customer in mind; from our customer-centric R&D approach, to our around-the-clock support and the trust we build. At the center of it all is our people—our team of experts. It is our team that carries forward our excellent customer service model. We recognize that if employees feel valued, they serve customers in a much better way. Employee engagement initiatives are key.

Tina Dobie, WP Engine’s vice president of customer experience, recently spoke about employee engagement with the editor of CX Network, an online community for global customer service professionals. In the interview, Tina highlights initiatives WP Engine implements to keep employees engaged, including traditional perks such as free parking and complimentary lunches, to more creative ideas such as a “high-five wall” to showcase great work.

To read more, check out the full article (registration required to read in full): 9 Innovative Ways to Improve Employee Engagement.

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