Securing your website’s traffic has never been more important. In August 2014 Google announced that it would use HTTPS as a ranking signal, meaning secure sites receive a slight SEO boost. Then, earlier this month, the White House announced that all federal websites and web services would be required to run on HTTPS by December 2016.

The green lock icon in Chrome indicating you have an HTTPS secured site.
The green lock icon in Chrome indicating you have an HTTPS secured site.

To secure your website with HTTPS, you have to acquire and set up an SSL certificate. However, SSL is frequently described as confusing and troublesome to setup and configure. At WP Engine, your site’s security is a top priority, and we want to enable everyone on our platform to secure their websites.

We’re excited to announce today that we’ve made securing your website simple and fast. We’ve streamlined the process of setting up SSL, and everything can now be done through our user portal.

SSL Dashboard Improvements

Our dashboard  now exposes more details about your SSL certificates, such as domains covered, expiration dates, and the status of certificates. We’ve also simplified the settings and made them even easier to understand. No matter what kind of certificate you choose, the new dashboard makes it clear what is happening with your certificate and what action, if any, is needed from you.

ssl dash

1st Party SSL Certificate Purchase Improvements

In April, we made 1st party SSL purchase available to our personal plan customers. Now we’re making the purchase flow even easier to use. We’ve also put more safeguards in place to make sure you purchase the right kind of SSL certificate.

1st party purchase

3rd Party SSL Configuration Tool

Previously, if you needed to configure a 3rd party SSL certificate you would have opened a support ticket, which was time consuming and painful. Starting today, we have a 3rd party SSL configuration tool in the user portal. This tool makes generating a CSR (certificate signing request) easy. It also helps you upload your certificate files to WP Engine to be installed by one of our knowledgeable Support Team members. Throughout the process you can track your certificate with the new dashboard. Please note 3rd Party SSL certificates are only supported on Professional plans or higher. 

3rd party flow

These improvements will help anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, easily and successfully secure your WP Engine site with SSL. As always, if you need help you can contact Support to get help setting up your SSL certificate.

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