As part of our customer and technology spotlight series, this post by the team at brandiD offers a look at the tools and features they rely on when building sites for their growing portfolio of clients.

Hi! We’re brandiD, a soulful digital design firm that helps our clients connect the dots between business, brand, and purpose so they can amplify their voices, increase their impact, and of course their revenue, too. 

We build a lot of websites, and WP Engine’s robust, user-friendly features make the entire process so much simpler and faster—for our team of developers and for our clients.

Here are a few of our team’s favorites:

Multiple Backup Points

WP Engine automatically backs up all of our client sites daily—without any additional setup by the brandiD team. Whew! On-demand backups are just as simple, too—we like to run them prior to updating plugins or making edits on a client’s site.

And, worst-case scenario: if a client tries to make a change or an update and accidentally breaks something important, WP Engine’s convenient backup points allow us to quickly and easily restore their site.

Free SSL Certificate for Every Domain

The free SSL certificate that WP Engine offers with every domain is a must, and installation takes mere moments. 

Obviously, the SSL certificate increases the security of the site. Perhaps equally importantly, though, it increases the user’s trust and confidence in the website by letting them know that the site is secure and their connection is private.

Bonus: up-to-date security certificates mean the user never has to wonder if this site—and by extension, business—is stuck in the past.

Plus, Google’s algorithm views HTTPS as a major factor when ranking a site as trustworthy—so much so that sites with an SSL certificate installed have an advantage over sites without an SSL certificate. You know what that means—better SEO for sites hosted on WP Engine!

One-Click Staging and Deployment

The one-click staging feature is an essential piece of our development process! Clients love being able to see the changes to their sites before they’re officially launched into the world, and we love having an easy way to share them!

Then, when they’re ready, One-Click Deployment makes it simple to make the changes live with the click of a button.

The reverse is true, too—WP Engine’s user-friendly system allows the site to be copied from LIVE to STAGING in a single click.

Everything We Need, All In One Dashboard

If you’re thinking, “well, those features sound great, but I bet I have to click around to three dozen different places to find them all,” then think again! WP Engine offers everything we need, all under one convenient dashboard.

Whether we need to peek at the Site Overview to confirm launch traffic numbers, access the easy-to-use SFTP to migrate a site, or even create a custom report, it’s all right there.

Amazing Dedicated Support

WP Engine offers dedicated support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That’s really important to us because life and work don’t just happen between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday – Friday!

If one of our clients has an issue, WP Engine’s support team is there to get them back up and running as soon as possible.

And there you have it! WP Engine has a ton of fast, simple, user-friendly features that make its WordPress hosting the best choice for brandiD and our clients. That means our clients can stay focused on what they do best, and our team can stay focused on helping our clients dig deeper into themselves, their mission, and their impact.

Learn more about working with brandID, and speak with a representative to find out more about WP Engine’s plans and pricing.