Earlier this week I wrapped up editing on a video in which I asked my boss and several of my co-workers to hug each other (see below). This was done not to see how fast I could torpedo my professional future, but for comedic effect in support of a noble and worthwhile cause.

To that end, I ask that you cease thinking about my hugging of co-workers and turn your attention instead to a developer. Even if you’re not into hugging, there are other ways to show your appreciation. When did you last exchange fistbumps? Or when was the last time you said, “you’re awesome!”?  I’m guessing that it’s been too long.

Developers are problem solvers. They are called upon most often when something breaks or goes wrong. They work behind the scenes and in the shadows, picking up the pieces and making things work. At WP Engine, we’ve decided to show the legions of developers out there that we appreciate them. Therefore, we’re declaring November 1 through November 7 “Hug a Dev” week.

During this week (and really, for as long as you’d like to) we’re asking that you tweet a photo of yourself hugging, or simply showing appreciation towards a developer using the hashtag #hugadev. We’ll pick our favorite photos and reward the senders with some sweet WP Engine swag.

And if you really want to recognize a developer, stay tuned to the blog! Next week we’ll announce a special program where you can nominate a developer to win a trip to a WordCamp of their choice, courtesy of WP Engine. Can you feel the love?

We’re kicking things off with a massive developer appreciation session at WordCamp New York. If you’re in attendance, make sure you stop by the WP Engine booth for swag, and “I hugged a dev” stickers.

Think of the developers, people. And while you’re thinking about them, show your appreciation as well by offering a hug (if they’re cool with it), a high-five, or simply stating, “you rock!”.