At the end of 2021—and in alignment with WP Engine’s core value of “Committed to Give Back”—the block-based Full Site Editing theme, Frost, was acquired and open-sourced.

By freely distributing Frost to a growing user base, it became an experimental theme that not only helped WordPress builders familiarize themselves with the new Site Editor, it served as the foundation for educational content produced by our Developer Relations team.

The release of WordPress 6.2 marked a significant milestone for Frost. With seamless integration of new settings from WordPress core, the theme received a range of updates, enhanced features, and expanded functionality, making it more adaptable and capable than ever before.

With those new features now launched, we’re excited to present Frost v1.0, a cutting-edge WordPress theme that seamlessly blends exquisite design with powerful functionality. Frost boasts a robust feature set that makes it the perfect choice for agencies seeking to create visually stunning and high-performing websites that set themselves apart.

Frost v1.0 is a cutting-edge WordPress theme that seamlessly blends exquisite design with powerful functionality

The enhanced version of Frost features a refreshed color palette, boasting eight vibrant and versatile hues for added style diversity.

Frost v1.0 features a refreshed color palette, including eight vibrant and versatile hues for added style diversity

Additionally, we’ve introduced full-page pattern layouts to elevate the design experience. Finally, we’ve strategically employed fluid spacing and adaptive typography to ensure seamless responsiveness, creating a visually engaging and dynamic user experience.

We are excited to announce that, besides being accessible for download and collaborative contributions via GitHub, Frost has expanded its presence by joining the esteemed WordPress theme directory.

This further amplifies the availability and reach of our theme, ensuring that more users can benefit from its incredible features. It also amplifies the invaluable role Frost plays as a part of WP Engine’s wider Builder Experience toolset.

Bringing together an ecosystem of plugins, themes, and other open source frameworks WordPress developers love to build with, we’re excited to continue growing our BX toolset for the modern WordPress developer.

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