There’s a small chance you may have missed the news, but last year, we had a very exciting team and line of products join us here at WP Engine.

One of those products, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), is the industry’s OG and favorite solution for registering custom fields, and it was warmly welcomed alongside the rest of the Delicious Brains team and suite of products.

Since then, we’ve invested in both the team and the products. For ACF, this includes new features like registering custom post types, registering custom fields, a new UI, and more. This work underlines our commitment to serve as custodians of this already well-loved plugin.

But what’s next? Where do we go from here for a plugin with 4.5 million installs and more than a decade of influence in WordPress? We have numerous exciting improvements planned and underway for ACF, but it’s important that we understand the wants and needs of its users as we map out its future.

And, with the launch of this year’s Annual ACF Survey, we want to hear those insights directly from you.

How do you use ACF currently? How do you integrate it with your site build workflows? How have you been adopting emerging block tooling in WordPress core alongside ACF? What do you want to see improved in the plugin, and what new features would take your builder experience in WordPress and with WP Engine to the next level?

The survey is currently open and will remain so until May 19. We want to collect as much information as we can from as many ACF users as we can. Our product teams are incredibly connected to the ACF user base and have solid insights, but nothing beats hearing directly from the builders who use it every day!

To fill out the survey, click here, and if you know of others in the industry whose insights would be valuable as we plan ahead, please share the link with them.

We will publish an aggregated and anonymized version of the results soon after the data is collected, which will provide deeper insights into the current state of development with ACF and WordPress.

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