It’s important for your WordPress site to deliver a fast and responsive user experience, but how can you make sure your site continues to deliver that high-quality experience? Did you know there is a tool that allows you to measure how fast your site’s code is performing and lets you know if it starts running slow?

Through our close partnership with New Relic, Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is available as an add-on for any dedicated hosting plan. This powerful back-end performance monitoring and observability tool keeps you and your team informed about your WordPress site’s code-level performance.

This type of monitoring is especially important for dynamic sites, such as eCommerce and logged-in membership sites. These kinds of sites rely on specialized WordPress code to power the personalized experiences on the site, which means the speed of your WordPress site code has a major impact on the end-user experience.

For example, if visitors browsing your eCommerce site have to wait a long time to search for products, add to their cart, or navigate the checkout process, it can become frustrating and might cause them to leave the site entirely.

New Relic APM helps you stay on top of site code performance with monitoring and alerting capabilities that can identify issues before they become detrimental to site performance. Additionally, APM allows your technical team members to efficiently deep-dive into your WordPress site code to help with troubleshooting or optimization. 

In this demo video, we’ll show a brief walkthrough of what the New Relic APM dashboard looks like, as well as some ways you can start putting it to use. 

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The Preemptive Power of Alerts 

Site owners or developers may be aware of slow site performance on a particular page or section of their site. But in other cases, performance issues can come as a surprise, often in the form of customer complaints and feedback or a late-night phone call from a client or supervisor. 

While neither scenario is ideal, being caught off guard by performance issues typically causes technical teams to scramble into action, frantically searching for the root of the problem and then working furiously to fix it.  

With New Relic monitoring, unexpected performance issues are drastically minimized, as APM can proactively alert your team to performance problems quickly, rather than relying on site visitors to complain or leave feedback. 

This type of alerting gives your team a head start when it comes to troubleshooting and resolving issues, and it can vastly improve the user experience of your site by helping you And your team efficiently reduce slow-loading pages

Hive Media Group, an online publishing company that generates more than 4 billion monthly impressions and over 800 million monthly global page views across its portfolio of websites, has successfully employed New Relic APM using WP Engine’s enterprise WordPress hosting platform.  

You can find out more about the way Hive Media has used APM to more efficiently troubleshoot code across its sites, as well as the method the Hive team has used to set up an alert system that flags performance issues before they become widespread.

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