One of the features our customers like the most on our platform is our automatic and on-demand site backups. And today we have some exciting news! The WP Engine R&D team has been hard at work over the past couple of months to make some significant improvements in how your site backups work.

Here are some of the improvements:

  • Stronger Encryption and Security – You will notice in the User Portal that backups are now downloaded over HTTPS. In addition, site backups are now encrypted at the source. That means your backups are even more secure.
  • Uploads Directory Now Included – You will now see content from your Uploads directory in your backup files, providing a more complete snapshot of your site.
  • European Customer Backups – To improve performance, we now store all backups for our EU-based customers in a data center in Ireland. This change is effective immediately for our European customers; no support request is required!

Just like before, your site will be automatically backed up in the User Portal each day via the same method. And you can always create a site backup on-demand any time you want.

For more information about using site backups, please read this Support Garage article.