Having set up business in 2010, We Are Elevate is a straightforward design and development studio based in central London. We create branding, print, and digital solutions of all shapes and sizes for clients, including SAB Miller and Kerry Group.

A few years into our business we recognised that the custom built CMS approach we were using for website development wasn’t manageable. We found that it couldn’t cope with the growth and scale our business was experiencing, as it was too segregated, and took up a lot of our valuable time.

We chose to switch our CMS platform to WordPress, and selected WP Engine as our managed hosting provider. Our business is all about taking a personal approach with clients so that we can understand their needs to become an integral partner. WP Engine shares this same ethos, so it was an easy choice.

Along with the world-class customer care, there are many things we love about WP Engine. For example, as with many businesses, preventing security breaches is a major concern, so the added security layer offered by WP Engine is essential.

The scalability is really important for us too. Our portfolio contains many types of customers, so we need to be able to scale hosting up or down depending on our requirements at any one time. Likewise, if a client’s website experiences high volumes of traffic unexpectedly, we can’t afford for the website to fail–we trust that WP Engine’s platform can handle fluctuating traffic as we continue to expand our portfolio.

WP Engine’s staging area saves us so many hours–all we have to do is simply press a button for testing before each site goes live.

WP Engine really commits to its promise–issues are rectified quickly and real-time advice is provided.

To simplify, it’s straightforward.

As a business, we’re now able to focus our efforts on what really matters to us: designing and developing products and services that people want to use and ultimately believe in.

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Jonathan Murphy is Creative Director and Founder at We Are Elevate Ltd.