Thanks to the internet, there are more opportunities than ever to build a business. It’s now possible to run an entire company remotely.

At Student Loan Hero, our business is based completely online and our employees work all over the world. Our engineering team, content writers, business development staff, and other departments need to know they can access our site to do their jobs. And, of course, we need optimized performance to provide our users the best possible experience when they visit our site.

As we work to grow the business, it’s vital that we have easy-to-use tools at our disposal and confidence in a reliable web host. We’ve been using WP Engine for about three years and have been impressed with the results. Here are five reasons we love using WP Engine to host our business blog.

1. Security

As a financial-based business, we know that security is important. But in the WordPress world, it’s challenging to keep up with all the security updates; WordPress regularly releases security fixes for vulnerabilities, requiring careful monitoring on our part.

With WP Engine, we don’t have to worry about manually updating our site with every new update — they automatically upgrade our WordPress blog whenever minor patches are released.

Updates have been rolled out quickly, and when there are security breaches, we’re confident that WP Engine will be on top of it. It frees us up to concentrate on other aspects of growing our business.

2. Page Performance Tool

One of the most useful tools offered by WP Engine is the Page Performance tool.

Our best-performing page on student loan refinancing brings a lot of revenue to our business. A slow page load time can result in a loss of rankings and decreased conversions — which means we earn less.

We’ve seen an improvement in load time since switching our hosting primarily to WP Engine. And thanks to help from the Page Performance tool, we were able to optimize the page for better performance.

WP Engine gave us suggestions for compressing images, cleaning up old CSS code, and other tips that we used. After following the recommendations from the tool, we saw faster load times and better conversions.

When we want to boost performance on a page, WP Engine’s tool is a valuable way to get that done.

3. Separate Staging Environments

Our team is always looking for new ways to present information more clearly to our customers. We also like to keep up with best practices and introduce new tools and features for our users. All those upgrades mean a lot of testing.

WP Engine provides a staging environment we can use before pushing new products and features live. We can set up different environments, including spaces for quality assurance and review. The workflow provided by WP Engine makes it easy for us to create new features and test them before they go live.

That helps us work out the kinks before we launch new products and features, ensuring that our new releases are bug-free.

4. Daily Backups

What happens if your site goes down and you lose files? That’s a nightmare no one wants to deal with. WP Engine creates daily backups for you, and you can create or restore a backup point at any given time.

This provides us with a serious peace of mind. It’s much easier to focus on our business when we don’t have to worry about something completely wiping out our files.

5. Customer Support

The folks at WP Engine are no amateurs — they understand WordPress inside and out. If we have a question or request, we can be confident it will be addressed professionally.

Every time any member of our team has used live chat, we’ve been impressed with the solid technical backgrounds of the people on the other end.

The Total Package

We have been very happy with WP Engine over the last three years. We get great customer support, security and backups, and plenty of tools that help us grow our business.

We’re always seeking to improve our site and increase our revenue. The peace of mind and confidence that comes from using WP Engine for our web hosting is a big part of our ability to scale our business and maintain a remote team