WP Engine powers WordPress digital experiences for brands around the world. Part of our platform includes the ability to use solutions that help increase revenue or improve your workflow.

Perfect Dashboard is a solution specifically optimized for the WP Engine platform which gives you an all-in-one interface for all your WordPress sites to manage plugin updates, execute pixel-by-pixel automated change audits following updates, receive alerts when changes are made to your WordPress sites, and much more!

Why Perfect Dashboard is optimized for WP Engine

The WP Engine Solutions Program team worked with the engineering and leadership teams at Perfect Dashboard to help make sure the Perfect Dashboard platform and WordPress plugin are optimized for the highly-cached and highly-secure WP Engine platform.

By coordinating efforts with security and engineering teams, Perfect Dashboard and WP Engine were able to optimize both platforms to help ensure customers of WP Engine using Perfect Dashboard could benefit from the features they know and love.

Ongoing, the Perfect Dashboard team has a custom testing environment on the WP Engine platform which they can use to test upcoming releases to their solution on the WP Engine platform or to help troubleshoot issues with customers running on the WP Engine platform.

This is part of WP Engine’s broader effort to help make sure innovative WordPress solutions work better on WP Engine than anywhere else.

How Perfect Dashboard helps your workflow

Proper management of your WordPress digital experiences includes making sure you’re applying plugin/WordPress security updates and monitoring for changes that might affect your site.

The Perfect Dashboard platform includes the ability to monitor for plugin/WordPress updates and push the updates live across all your WordPress installs including those not on the WP Engine platform.

This all-in-one interface makes managing large numbers of WordPress sites much easier.

Coupled with great features like notifications when someone changes something on your WordPress installs (“Who broke the site?!”), Perfect Dashboard delivers helpful tools that can super-charge your workflow and give you peace of mind.

One of the coolest features I’ve ever seen

Advanced WordPress professionals know that updating plugins and WordPress in production can be risky business. What if an update breaks my site?!

WP Engine provides great features like Flexible Workflows and One Click Staging to make it easy to test changes without affecting visitors, but you still need to test to make sure the update in staging isn’t breaking anything before you push the update live.

Testing for broken forms or plugins after an update can often be easy, but how do you know if a plugin, Theme, or WordPress update affected how your site is displayed to visitors?

Perfect Dashboard has an amazing feature called Genuine Test Engine which does an algorithmic pixel-by-pixel comparison of your site before-and-after you update a plugin, theme, or WordPress itself.

By seeing what changed on the front end, you can help prevent updates from decimating your design and ruining your customers’ experience. Also, changes to your front end could also indicate problems with back-end functions on your site like a form or social share button.

By using WP Engine’s staging environments and Perfect Dashboard to monitor changes in your front end before and after an update, you’ll be able to provide a more stable and secure experience for your customers!

Preferred WP Solution

Due to their diligence in optimizing their solution for the WP Engine platform and helping to ensure WP Engine customers using the Perfect Dashboard continue to have a great experience, WP Engine is proud to announce Perfect Dashboard as a Preferred WP Solution.

Thanks to the work of the Perfect Dashboard engineering and leadership team to optimize their solution for the WP Engine platform and to help ensure WP Engine customers using Perfect Dashboard continue to have a great experience, Perfect Dashboard is a Preferred WP Solution at WP Engine.