WP Engine celebrated two All Hands in both Limerick, Ireland and Austin, Texas this past month. All-Hands is a bi-annual event where the company meets to engage, collaborate, and get to know employees from different offices. This was the first year that WP Engine held two all hands: one for the UK and one for the US. Here’s a recap of both events in photos!

Our UK All Hands took place on September 5th and 6th.

This year the theme for All Hands was ‘Fuel the Open Future.’

US Employees share dinner and drinks at The W Hotel Austin.

WP Engine executives perform a dance during All Hands US.

Several employees performed in the WP Engine Talent Show.

US employees show off their dance moves.

UK employees take pictures in front of the WP Engine green screen.

US employees take photos in front of the WP Engine green screen.