The resume template company, Trendy Resumes wanted to rebrand. In order to do that, they launched a new website, with a new name, and a new design from their previous site CVfolio. Doing this increased traffic so much, Trendy Resumes had to enlist WP Engine to help.

“We needed a server that could provide better stability, uptime, ability to serve a high volume of traffic, an easy way to maintain the website from a technical perspective, and all at a convenient cost,” explained CEO Antonio Iacopino. Iacopino knew that he didn’t want his new site to have slow loading time that could possibly hurt the site’s new image.

“WP Engine caught our interest because they provide a professional platform that is designed and optimized for WordPress,” said Iacopino, “their offering and reputation are outstanding.”

In this case study, learn how Trendy Resumes overcame the challenges rebranding themselves and Iacopino’s favorite WP Engine features. Additionally, you’ll learn how WP Engine doesn’t just improve your site speed, but your site’s SEO ranking as well. Read Trendy Resume’s story now:

Case Study: From Unsteady Server Performance To Peace Of Mind

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