DevOps has been a valuable software development methodology for more than a decade, and its impact continues to have a transformative effect on organizations that implement DevOps successfully.  

While those organizations are still few in number, WP Engine was recently highlighted as one of them, winning a Google Cloud DevOps Award—the first of its kind—for the implementation of DevOps practices in its Catalyst Software Delivery Platform (SDP), an internal product that serves as the foundation for a high-velocity, reliable product development, and release process.

The SDP, which is built and maintained by WP Engine engineers on Team Catalyst, provides application development teams across the company with a solid framework for developing and releasing code. The aim of the platform is to reduce operational burden and cognitive load while significantly improving service observability and speed of delivery. 

The team and the platform have been prolific since its launch last year, onboarding more than 27 applications and services, with new teams and products adding to that list every few weeks. 

“This is an incredible example of our teams emboldening builders both internally and externally to make sure we have the best tools to serve our customers,” said WP Engine SVP of Global Engineering Ramadass Prabhakar.  

“The recognition for these efforts at Google Cloud’s first-ever DevOps Awards is truly icing on the cake, and it’s a great call-out for a tool we’ve only just begun to reap the rewards from.” 

Check out the video below to learn more: 

Google Cloud has long been a DevOps leader, providing in-depth research and assessments through its annual Accelerate State of DevOps report

Because Google Cloud’s partners and customers play a major role in that report, the DevOps Awards were created as a way to celebrate their success and highlight organizations that are using DevOps to deliver powerful business outcomes and optimize for stability, speed, and security.

“With our first annual DevOps Awards, we’re shining a light on companies who are implementing DevOps practices to drive organizational success and elite performance while delivering the best customer experiences,” said Dustin Smith, DORA Research Lead at Google Cloud. 

“DevOps continues to be a major business accelerator for many organizations, and we’re excited to celebrate the winning companies that are shaping the future of DevOps.”

The DevOps Awards are comprised of 10 categories, each with an individual winner, recognizing specific criteria related to an organization’s use of DevOps.

WP Engine was recognized for “Unleashing the Full Power of the Cloud,” which highlights an organization leveraging all five capabilities of cloud computing to improve software delivery and organizational performance: 

  • On-demand self-service  
  • Broad network access 
  • Resource pooling  
  • Rapid elasticity 
  • Measured service

All five capabilities are indeed exemplified by the Catalyst SDP, which provides WP Engine’s builders with an agile tool that strengthens their projects and saves valuable time.   

“The improvements to reliability and our ability to deploy code with confidence means more time back for our application development team members to build powerful WordPress products that will help our customers win online,” said WP Engine Director of Engineering Suchitra Hari.  

Congratulations to all of the Team Catalyst members on this well-deserved award! 

Team Catalyst 

Glenn Jones 

Ganapathy Kunda

Haidee McMahon

John Crocker

Kyle Bremont

Rahul Dhir

Susan Fern

Suchitra Hari

Thang Thin

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