WP Engine strives to be a place where employees can bring their full selves to work. That can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. For some, it means the flexibility to work from home when they need to care for their kids or when they’re having a tough mental health day. For others, it means the ability to discuss personal struggles with others who share those experiences in a safe space. 

One of the spaces we’ve created for our employees is Hue, our Employee Resource Group centering around the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community. Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs, are intended to be communities where individuals with similar life experiences and those who support them can share resources, give advice, and provide advocacy. 

Right now, WP Engine has eight unique ERGs, and this month, Hue is taking center stage with a slate of programming surrounding Pride Month. In addition to those activities—which include panel discussions, a talent show, and fundraising for ILGA-Europe, Pride Foundation Australia, and the Trevor Project—we also want to shine a light on some of the great organizations supporting the LGBTQIA+ community in the tech world specifically.

Here are eight organizations making some of the biggest impacts for LGBTQIA+ individuals working in tech.

Out In Tech

Image featuring dozens of Out In Tech participants at an event

Out In Tech is one of WP Engine’s favorite partnerships! This organization holds a special place in the hearts of our employees. Their mission is to unite the LGBTQIA+ tech community by creating opportunities for members to advance their careers and leverage the power of technology to create social change.

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM)

Image featuring 17 participants at an oSTEM event

In 2005, IBM sponsored a focus group for students in which they discussed issues related to the LGBTQIA+ experience in STEM fields. oSTEM was born from that focus group, and since then, their mission has been empowering LGBTQIA+ individuals to achieve success personally, professionally, and academically.


Image featuring participants at a Trans*H4CK event

Trans*H4CK is an organization that arose out of a need to improve employment opportunities and financial sustainability for transgender people. Because trans individuals (in the United States) are unemployed at twice the national rate when compared with cisgender individuals, Trans*H4CK works to develop open source tech products that promote economic and financial advancement and increase gender safety and wellbeing for trans people.

Lesbians Who Tech

Image of the exterior of the building holding the 6th annual Lesbians Who Tech & Allies Summit with signage for the event out front

One of the primary aspirations outlined on the Lesbians Who Tech website is “to get more women, POC, and queen and trans people in technology.” Their annual Pride Summit has seen several prestigious speakers, including U.S. Senators, entertainers, athletes, activists, and more. 

Queer Code

Participants at a Queer Code event work on their computers at group desks

Queer Code hosts meetups across Europe to foster spaces where queer people can share their ideas. The mission is simple: help queer folk meet new mentors and friends within the community. They have a London-based meetup—so if you’re a member, check out our career openings in London as well as remote positions throughout Europe!

Maven Youth

Maven Youth is focused on the needs of young people. They aim to empower and encourage LGBTQIA+ youth to explore career opportunities and build skills. Their virtual summer camp for the younger crowd helps participants learn to build a video game, while their program for young professionals helps them build digital resumes, hone interviewing skills, and build the basic coding skills necessary to start their career in tech.

Queer Design Club

Image promoting the Queer Design Club Summit, which takes place on July 7, 2022

The mission of Queer Design Club is to promote and celebrate the intersection of queer identity and design. Their site is home to a directory where visitors can search for a designer who identifies as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community for their next website or graphic design project!


Participants pose for a photo at a StartOut event

StartOut strives to empower LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs and champion their successes in cities across the U.S. If you’ve been a part of the StartOut community in Austin, check out our career opportunities there as well as remote positions throughout the U.S.! 

Proud to Work With the Best in Tech

WP Engine is proud to shine a spotlight on these groups, and remains committed to building a community where LGBTQIA+ individuals can bring their full selves to work every day. Check out our open positions to find a career path that allows you to be your proudest, most authentic self!