Even a tropical storm couldn’t dampen the spirits of WordPress community members this past weekend at WordCamp US 2022 in San Diego, CA. 

After almost three years since the last WCUS, attending the event in-person was electric, and WP Engine employees from all over the country arrived in southern California with umbrellas and raincoats in hand and ready to talk about all things WordPress. 

It felt so good to be back with old friends and to make new ones. Here are just a few of the highlights from another incredible WordCamp US!  

Rekindled Connections

Throughout the entire event, the WCUS Sponsor Hall was alive with activity, and WP Engine was right in the middle of the action. 

With experts on site to provide demos and answer questions on everything from eCommerce to Growth Suite to headless WordPress and more, WP Engine’s sponsor booth was a great focal point for attendees, and it served as the setting for more than one rekindled connection.

“To be able to see everyone again in person was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with so many old friends,” said Logan Pickett Sr. Affiliate Partners Manager.

 “I think the real success of these types of events isn’t really the monetary side of things but the actual human connections you make that spread around the world.”

Though getting to talk to people at the booth was certainly the main draw, WP Engine’s  legendary swag was also in high demand, including WP Engine’s beloved WCUS t-shirts, which were as popular as always! 

WP Engine returned to WCUS with its signature location-inspired t-shirts

Incredible Talks

The two-day-long event was packed with more than 40 talks covering topics that ranged from accessibility to live streaming and everything in between. There was truly something for everyone, and if you missed a session or just want to go back and watch all of the excellent WCUS content again, you’re in luck! The livestream can be found here, and all content will be available until WCUS 2023 kicks off in Maryland on August 21. 

As part of his WCUS lightning talk, WP Engine Developer Advocate Nick Diego proved just how easy it is to build a custom block by showing attendees how to do it in only 15 minutes. In his session, aptly titled “Let’s Build a Custom Block in 15 Minutes,” Nick created an automated Hello Dolly block from start to finish. 

If you missed the session, check out a recording of Nick walking through the same steps here:

As is customary at every WCUS event, the weekend concluded with a Q & A session featuring WordPress Co Founder Matt Mullenweg, during which attendees lined up to ask him about the future of the CMS and the WordPress community.  

“When people ask me what the best part of WordPress is, my answer is always the people,” Mullenweg said. 

Mullenweg answered a wide range of questions covering mergers and acquisitions, translations, diversity and inclusion, and more. For more detailed coverage of the session, check out the full WCUS 2022 wrap-up on Torque. 

Torque’s In-Person Return 

Throughout WCUS 2022, the Torque team was on the ground highlighting aloof the action and the amazing community members in attendance. After a three-year hiatus, Doctor Popular was once again able to interview people in person, speaking to attendees about their passions. You can watch them all here

“The best part of my job is interviewing people from around the WordPress community, which has been difficult over the last three years,” Doc said. 

“It felt so good to be able to talk to people in-person again. We were able to feature people we’ve known for years as well as make new connections. I had the pleasure of sitting in on talks, enjoying the hallway track, and attending the after party. I was able to enjoy the full WordCamp experience.”

Learn more about what the team was up to here.

Coming Together

WordCamp US 2022 was less like a conference and more like a family reunion. After three long years, being in one place again felt energizing. 

“Nothing compares to getting together with folks that share a similar passion and dedication to the well-being of WordPress!” said WP Engine Sr. Agency Portfolio Manager Levi Wanner. 

“WordCamp US was an absolute blast, from energizing conversations to amazing speaker sessions, it is apparent that the community is only getting larger and stronger!”

At the end of his Q&A, Mullenweg announced that next year’s WCUS will be in National Harbor, Maryland August 21-25th. The conference will include a community summit at the beginning (hence the longer schedule). Can’t wait to see everyone there!