On Monday, May 14th digital pioneers, industry experts and technological innovators will gather together for the 22nd annual Webby Awards. Winning a Webby represents the highest form of recognition on the internet; winners are selected because they have provided the best overall experience in the following areas: websites, film & video, advertising, media, PR, podcasts and more.

This year, WP Engine partnered with The Webby Awards to bring Webby For Good, a project highlighting digital experiences bringing positive change to the world. From Wall Street’s Fearless Girl to an enticing site dedicated to saving koalas, these winners are using the internet to spread awareness and initiate change. In this series, we highlight Webby For Good winners built on WordPress. For many nonprofits, organizations and individuals WordPress’ affordability, flexibility, and scalability provide the perfect framework to spread awareness, organize, and maintain a campaign or project.

In this segment, we highlight Refugees Welcome, an organization that invites communities around the world to help refugees feel more at home. They do this by encouraging hosts to invite displaced refugees to enjoy a meal, engage in relaxed conversation, and share stories in their home, business, or chosen destination. By breaking bread and sharing stories, each dinner helps to break down barriers and encourage empathy.


For more information on Refugees Welcome and how to host a dinner in your city, check out their website. To check out other Webby For Good Winners, check out the Webby For Good winner’s gallery.

Want to learn more about The Webby Awards and WP Engine partnership? Check out our case study on The Webby Awards.