At WP Engine, we pride ourselves on providing a wonderful digital experience for our customers and technology partners. WP Engine works closely with plugin developers, such as those on our Solution Center, to help optimize plugins for our digital experience platform.

The WooCommerce Social Login plugin allows potential customers to access an e-commerce site through their social media accounts. Instead of having customers checkout as a guest or create yet another online account, the plugin allows e-commerce site owners to simplify the process. Customers have the option of logging in via their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, PayPal, Instagram, Disqus, Yahoo, or VK accounts.

Shared Customer Pain Points

Given that they are both built to help optimize WordPress, WP Engine and the WooCommerce Social Login Plugin have many of the same customers. SkyVerge, a leading partner developer for and the ones responsible for the WooCommerce Social Login plugin, recently reached out to WP Engine about a pain point that affected our mutual customers. WP Engine customers who are users of the plugin faced issues with signing into social providers as a result of WP Engine’s caching system affecting the authentication endpoint. Skyverge saw a number of support tickets specifically revolving around how caching was configured.

Typically, to resolve these issues the WP Engine support team would have to manually add exclusion rules only after being notified by the customer on a case-by-case basis. As you can imagine, this was a cumbersome process for WP Engine customers and users of the plugin.

A Seamless Performance

After working in collaboration with the SkyVerge engineering team, we updated our cache exclusion rules on the platform to maintain the highest performance possible, while ensuring dynamic pages would be served correctly. Now, WP Engine customers taking advantage of SkyVerge’s products will have a more seamless and more high-performance experience.

In addition to SkyVerge, WP Engine collaborates with a number of WordPress solution partners and assist in optimizing their products for our customers. We believe that the future is open so we strive to provide services and technology that are fully integrated and highly-performant. By utilizing the WordPress ecosystem’s best tools and the WP Engine WordPress Digital Experience Platform we enable our customers to truly win online.