Today, we’re proud to launch a new brand campaign that was completely produced top to bottom by our in-house brand and creative team, with 15 WP Engine employees as our live-action acting talent. 

This is a true labor of love from the people who actually live and breathe WP Engine’s “we’ve got your back” ethos every day.  From weeks of brand strategy research and brand messaging development to creative concepting, scripting, character casting, staging and prop design, video production and editing, original music score and more—our team literally did it all. 

The actor playing Dave, the WordPress developer overwhelmed with all he has to do to keep WordPress humming is Tray Harrington. In real life, he’s a passionate WP Engine technical onboarding manager who helps stressed customers troubleshoot and find serenity every day. 

Nicholas Petersen, who is personifying WP Engine as our meditative Sage, is a senior product designer who works to make our user experiences increasingly more beautiful and intuitive every day as we continue to roll-out new design, build, power, and manage capabilities. 

We’ve been working hard over the last year to develop the visual language and story-telling paths to effectively convey the spirit of who we are as a brand. Yes, we’re known for our Managed WordPress platform and the role we’ve played as a leading WordPress innovator.  It’s wild to think that we now enable more of the top 200,000 sites in the world than anyone else. We’ve earned a reputation for being extremely reliable and performant for any size or complexity of site and online store. 

We ensure that all sites meet the table stakes consumer expectations for radical speed (loading in less than 0.5 seconds), high reliability, and iron-clad security. This is essential for Google rankings, for offering an engaging experience to your sites’ visitors, for growing your business—and ultimately protecting and celebrating your brand and your stories.

But what our partners and customers tell us is that while they absolutely want, need, and depend on our technical reliability, and they love our innovations that push WordPress forward, what they really value is us: our people, our expertise, our friendly culture and how we celebrate every interaction with our customers and agency partners.  

We hope we capture a bit of this in our choice to put our people forward in our new brand videos. We’d love for you to check out the new campaign!

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