After being honored with two Monster’s Award nominations last year, WP Engine is back in the competition for 2023, and we need your support!

In a repeat from last year, WP Engine has been nominated for Best WordPress Hosting Provider, and Torque Magazine has again been nominated for Best WordPress Blog.

While these nominations are indeed an honor, we need your help to make it to the winner’s round. Click here to find out how you can cast your vote right now! 

What is the Monster’s Award?

Hosted by digital products marketplace TemplateMonster, the Monster’s Award is an annual event celebrating the WordPress community’s best products and services.

Now in its third year, the contest has grown to feature 22 categories and an even broader array of nominees, following the enthusiastic reception it enjoyed in 2022.

The competition is non-profit, and any WordPress product can be nominated if it fits within a specific category. While TemplateMonster selects some candidates based on its research, nominations are also open to public submission through TemplateMonster’s website.

WP Engine’s Nominations 

As mentioned, WP Engine is up for two Monster’s Awards this year—Best WordPress Hosting Provider and Best WordPress Blog.

Our nomination for Best WordPress Hosting Provider recognizes our comprehensive, managed WordPress hosting platform based on TemplateMonster’s research and predefined category criteria identifying industry leaders.

The second nomination, Best WordPress Blog, specifically highlights Torque Magazine, which has covered WordPress community news and events for nearly a decade. 

The publication’s archive, which includes hundreds of educational resources for WordPress developers of all skill levels, is also home to the Torque Social Hour live stream and the Press This WordPress community podcast.

How to Vote

To vote, head over to the award links:

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

Best WordPress Blogs

Find the WP Engine and Torque logos on their respective nominee pages, then click VOTE!

This will open a sign-in pop-up. TemplateMonster requires this step to guarantee fair and accurate voting, which is limited to one vote per person in each category. You can also sign in using your Facebook or Google account.

After signing in, the page will reload. Vote again for it to count, and the updated tallies for all nominees will be visible. Remember to vote for WP Engine in the Hosting category and for Torque in the Blogs category. Voting is open until December 11.  

Your Vote Matters!

Your vote in each category can make a significant impact. It helps WP Engine strive for victory in both nominated categories and supports other WordPress products and services in this year’s race. 

Explore all the categories and nominees as you choose your 2023 Monster’s Award favorites. We’re grateful for your support!

For more about Torque Magazine, click here, and visit WP Engine or contact a representative to learn more about our fully managed WordPress hosting platform.