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This week’s WordPress Digest features stories on GoDaddy’s acquisition of Sucuri, WordPress mistakes you could be making, why to join the WordPress community, and more.

Doc Pop’s News Drop: Sucuri gets acquired by GoDaddy

Everyone is talking about GoDaddy’s newest acquisition of Sucuri. This week, the number one source for WordPress news discusses the acquisition and Mike Little’s new role over at Human Made.

8 Common WordPress Security Mistakes That Could Cost You Dearly

The number one mistake in bad WordPress security is bad hosting. Find out the other mistakes you may be making here.

Creating the Best WordPress Community

Creating the best WordPress community starts with events and Meetups. This article has every reason why you should attend as many WordPress events as you can to get the most out of the vast and growing community.

Why Startups Should Use WordPress

There are plenty of reasons why startups need a great website to promote their brand. A great website that builds quickly is cost effective, and easy to learn are all characteristics of WordPress. Learn more on why WordPress is perfect for a startup ecosystem.

How WordPress Is Powering The Future: Case Study

Torque presents two stories on companies who are using WordPress to change the world. Read the case study here on how AMA and Dagoma are leveraging WordPress to power their sites and blogs for international reach.

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