Designing and building websites is a tricky business. Ensuring that they remain secure while performing at an optimum level is a challenge that is essential for a company to overcome if it hopes to stand out from the crowd.

We recently caught up with WP Engine customer and website building expert, Gyles Seward, Managing Director of Elementary Digital, to hear about how WP Engine has helped his business grow.

Hi Gyles, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today. Can you start with a quick introduction to yourself and your company?

Hi Fabio, thanks for having me. I’m the Managing Director of Elementary Digital, an agency that designs and builds websites for digital marketing and ecommerce brands of all sizes. We focus exclusively on developing WordPress sites and are quickly becoming one of the biggest WordPress agencies in the UK.

Can you tell us about your journey with WP Engine?

When we first launched the agency, we worked with a number of different hosting providers. The lack of in-depth knowledge of the WordPress platform was noticeable, and our server was hacked. Security was a major concern for us. As a result, we turned to WP Engine to help us solve this problem.

Have we lived up to your expectation?

The security capabilities meant WP Engine stood out from the crowd, and was a key reason for us choosing the managed hosting provider in the beginning. Since working with WP Engine, we’ve realized that they offer so much more. WP Engine takes care of the infrastructure side of things and has increased the speed of the websites we build.

We use Google’s PageSpeed tool to analyze the performance of all these sites and since working with WP Engine these have improved. For example, one of our clients tested their site against their old server and the WP Engine hosted site was 66% faster. Scalability is also invaluable to us and the platform continues to grow as we grow.

The service WP Engine offers is excellent and the live chat function is extremely useful. The support staff know their stuff and provide answers to all our queries straight away with a personal touch. Our dedicated Account Manager, James Dowell, is proactive in the help he gives us and that’s an unexpected bonus for us.

That all sounds positive. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

We’ve had a lot of experience with hosting providers and WP Engine is definitely the best one. Working with them gives us peace of mind and the confidence we need to grow our own business.

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