When you’re starting a WordPress site, odds are it focuses on something that’s important to you–so much so that you want to share it with the world.

For me, that’s hiking. It’s a passion of mine. It’s where I spend most of my free time. And when you have something important to say or share, you want to make sure it reaches the right audience, and that your site is a true reflection of your passion.

When I was starting up HikingGuy.com, I did a lot of investigation, especially when it came to hosting.

I needed security. I needed CDN capabilities. My site had to be fast. And it had to rank well on search engines—if anyone was going to find my site, it had to be through SEO, and I didn’t want any knocks because my site was slow or not secure.

That led me to WP Engine. After comparing numerous WordPress providers, I found that WP Engine takes on a big chunk of the work and the responsibility, which means there’s less for me to worry about.

And it has exceeded my expectations. The dashboards are intuitive, staging gives me a sandbox to push from, and my site is super fast—everything just works. I love the automatic updates and the amount of attention paid to my site. And the level of support I receive has been amazing—the members of the support team understand my site and my needs and offer more than simple break-fix technical support—they diagnose, advise, and educate.

Overall, WP Engine saves me time and makes running a website much easier. Partnering with WP Engine lets me focus on my blog, my content, and things that are important to me without having to worry about the IT aspect of managing a WordPress site.

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Cris Hazzard is a partner at Sanborn (the creative agency) and an avid hiker. Cris started developing software while working with big telecom and financial companies in 1995. Today Cris helps clients like the Trail Blazers and LA Kings create award-winning digital and social programs. Cris lives in (and loves) Southern California with his wife April.