WP Engine, the WordPress technology company, is extending its global presence and performance in the Nordics. 

Offering the fastest managed platform for WordPress, WP Engine launched in 2010 with a clear mission: to provide WordPress users with the best way to build and host incredible websites.

In the years since, that idea has taken off. WP Engine now serves more than 185,000 customers in 150 countries, including tens of thousands of customers across the European continent.  

In northern Europe specifically, a growing number of popular brands and agencies are reimagining their digital footprints with WordPress and discovering the WP Engine difference as the best way to power their creative freedom and agility.  

Today, we’re proud to announce that WP Engine has launched servers in Finland, bringing the power of the WP Engine platform closer than ever to all our wonderful customers and partners and their website visitors across the Nordics.

Meeting the Needs of the Nordics

As we work with a growing number of digital agencies and popular brands in the Nordics, we’ve gained insight into some of the top regional priorities these customers continue to highlight. 

While many are looking for alternatives to the rising cost of traditional web and content management systems, others are longtime WordPress users who have yet to explore the full scope of modern open source development. 

WP Engine offers a unique opportunity for both scenarios, as we’ve spent more than a decade tuning our code and our platform while helping customers migrate their sites from every type of CMS and web host imaginable. 

That hard work removes a number of customer concerns as they bring their sites over to our platform and begin to experience the long-term benefits of optimized site performance, managed site and plugin updates, advanced security, and a 24/7 award-winning support organization that specializes in solving the complexities of scaling WordPress.

WP Engine customers in the Nordics will now benefit from our in-region platform in Finland, providing more control over where customer data is stored and processed.

This also presents our Nordics customers with the opportunity to further reduce latency for domestic site visitors as customers’ website(s) can load more quickly when the data that’s being called is physically in region. These speed and performance improvements will go even further in helping our customers create a stronger user experience while generating a positive effect on SEO. 

Sustainability is also at the forefront of our platform expansion. Customers who use our Nordics region as a home for their digital property, data storage, and application development can rest easy knowing our cloud partners are leveraging some of the most advanced and efficient methods to reduce emissions and limit their carbon footprint, including the use of seawater from the Gulf of Finland to further cut down on energy use. 

A Trusted WordPress Partner  

WP Engine has focused on optimizing WordPress sites for more than a decade, and throughout that period, WordPress has continued to grow and mature into a powerful framework for building and managing websites across a wide list of industries and use cases. 

Today, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world for a number of reasons. It’s user-friendly for content creators and developers, and it’s open source, which means WordPress is not only supported by an active community of users, it’s free from upfront and recurring licensing fees tied to the core software itself. 

WordPress is also renowned for its flexibility, including the ability to integrate with a wide range of features and functionality through its massive repository of plugins and themes.

In addition to ease of use, lower cost, and streamlined creative workflows, WordPress gives you complete and total ownership over your website and your data should you choose to migrate to a different platform or host.

For site builders who rely on WordPress for their digital projects, WP Engine’s portfolio of market-leading developer tools includes some of the most beloved and widely-used solutions in the WordPress ecosystem, including: 

While all of these tools can be used with any web host, WordPress builders who power their sites on WP Engine’s platform gain the added benefit of offloading maintenance and optimizations to a trusted WordPress partner, so they can focus on putting these tools to use. 

Additionally, WP Engine provides solutions for advanced security, including Global Edge Security, which offers DDoS mitigation and a managed WAF, as well as Smart Plugin Manager, which automatically runs pre-scheduled plugin and theme updates to reduce the threat of unpatched vulnerabilities. 

As we continue to invest in and grow our tools and technology, we look forward to working with our customers in the Nordics and around the world as they build amazing digital experiences with WordPress. 

Find out more about WP Engine here or speak to a representative for more information.  

About WP Engine 

WP Engine, the WordPress technology company, provides the most relied upon and trusted brands and developer-centric WordPress products for companies and agencies of all sizes, including managed WordPress hosting, enterprise WordPress, headless WordPress, Flywheel, Local, and Genesis. WP Engine’s tech innovation and award-winning WordPress experts help to power more than 1.5 million sites across 150 countries.

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