LIMERICK, Ireland—Sept. 13, 2021 — WP Engine, the world’s most trusted WordPress technology company, today announced the fifth anniversary of its Limerick, Ireland office. The Limerick office, which opened with a team of 10 in September 2016, represented a significant expansion of WP Engine’s customer support and engineering capabilities in Europe, while at the same time, serving as the spark for further investment in the region and future growth of the entire company.

Fast forward to 2021, after being named one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland earlier this year, WP Engine Limerick was also designated as one of the Best Workplaces in Tech by Great Place to Work (GPTW), the global authority on workplace culture. GPTW certification alone is a strong indicator of a company’s commitment to fostering an open, accepting workplace, with a strong culture that promotes transparency and trust. 

WP Engine’s Limerick office has been recognized as one of the best workplaces in Ireland by Great Place to Work

“On its fifth anniversary, I couldn’t be more excited or proud of the growth of our Limerick team and the key role they play in the success of WP Engine,” said Heather Brunner, Chairwoman and CEO of WP Engine.

“Five years ago we were looking to expand our innovation and customer experience teams in service to our global customers. We knew when we met and worked with IDA Ireland and with the local Limerick city and regional officials that we had found our new home in Europe. Between the amount of top technical talent in Ireland, the focus on business growth in the country and the amazing people and culture of Limerick, we couldn’t have found a better place to grow our team and culture.”

WP Engine Limerick Statistics

  • WP Engine has more than 120 people in the Limerick office and is hiring
  • 2021 has been the Limerick office’s biggest growth year ever, with 50 people hired and another 25 roles to be filled this year. 
  • The WP Engine Limerick team’s new, expanded office in downtown Limerick opens this month with total space for 80 employees.   

From CX to P&E and Beyond

Since the doors opened nearly five years ago, the Limerick team has played a pivotal role in WP Engine’s overall growth with award-winning customer service and around-the-clock support and development for the industry’s #1 managed WordPress platform. 

While much of WP Engine Limerick’s growth has been specific to Customer Support and Product & Engineering departments (Customer Support alone will make up 50 percent of the entire Limerick office with a new influx of hires scheduled through the rest of the year), the team has also seen the addition of HR, finance, and IT roles since 2016. 

All of these additions have helped the Limerick team operate with greater agility, in its own time zone, while performing a seamless handoff with WP Engine’s other global teams, including those in Kraków, Poland, and Brisbane, Australia.

As the company’s customer base has widened across EMEA, all of these departments have been integral in maintaining the high level of platform performance and customer support WP Engine is known for around the world. 

An aerial view of Limerick, Ireland

More Room for a Growing Team

The success of the Limerick team is perhaps most visible through the growth of the Limerick office itself, which has expanded, even while going fully remote over the past year, from less than a dozen employees in 2016 to more than 100 employees and counting—a landmark goal that was set when the Limerick office first launched.

WP Engine’s new office space is in the heart of downtown Limerick, where the team will begin working once it’s safe to do so. The new office is more than 14,000 square feet and nearly triple the size of the prior office. It’s also a ground-floor office, located in Limerick’s city center, which offers the Limerick team a great opportunity to share its company culture with the city. 

Limerick is one of Ireland’s oldest cities and home to a growing tech innovation hub

Building a Stronger Community

As WP Engine’s Limerick team keeps growing, the company’s core values will continue to serve as a guidepost for the type of workplace the team aspires to build. Taking that spirit outside the office, Limerick team members also devote time and effort to a number of social initiatives as part of WP Engine’s wider Engine for Good corporate social responsibility program. Those initiatives include supporting the Coding Careers for Women initiative as well as the Pieta organization, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Limerick Suicide Watch, and Age Action, all with some level of company fund-matching. 

Powering the Freedom to Create

WP Engine, through its unique team of people and the talent they bring, is powering the freedom to create. To shine a light on the WP Engine Limerick office, the team recently enlisted the talents of one of the most talented muralists in Ireland, Claire Prouvost, to capture the culture and essence of working at WP Engine in a commissioned piece that will hang in the lobby of the Limerick office.

The painting, eight feet by four feet, is a representation of WP Engine culture. Claire drew her inspiration from recorded interviews with members of the WP Engine Ireland team across various functions. It is filled with themes of technology, diversity, women in tech, the future of work with one character posed on a sofa, teamwork and supporting each other, and it includes Limerick landmarks such as King John’s Castle and The Milk Market marquee.


“Five years ago, I could never have envisioned the impact WP Engine would have on our local communities, city and the lives of our amazing people. We are fortunate to work with the Limerick Council, IDA and Limerick Chamber of Commerce in our commitment to the growth of Limerick.

In partnership with regional education institutes, we drive exciting career opportunities for our existing and future employees. We are most proud of our team members in Limerick & around the country, who in five short years have elevated WP Engine Ireland to be one of the Best Workplaces in Tech 2021.”

Paul Ryan, Limerick Site Lead and Senior Director of Technical Support, WP Engine

“WP Engine has become a success for Limerick, with the company growing over the past five years to where we are today with 130 jobs and more investment planned. The company is one of Limerick’s champions. It is helping to raise our profile as a prime location for technology investment.

The team in Limerick have embraced the Limerick culture to become an integral part of the unique ecosystem of collaboration and partnership which is the key to the on-going success of both the company and Limerick. We are very proud to have WP Engine driving innovation in Limerick.”

Cllr. Daniel Butler, Mayor of the City and County of Limerick

“Limerick City and County Council is delighted to have been able to work with the team at WP Engine as they have built up their successful operation here in Limerick City Centre. Local authorities can help support the state agencies, such as the IDA, in ensuring that Foreign Direct Investment companies are successful and become embedded in the local economy by using their unique position and resources.

Here in Limerick, WP Engine has been supported by the Council and Innovate Limerick to allow it to grow and develop in the City Centre. We wish Paul and all the team every future success as they move onto the next phase of their development.”

Dr. Pat Daly, Chief Executive of Limerick City and County Council

For more information about WP Engine’s Limerick office or to apply, click here.

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