For the second year in a row, WP Engine has been named a Best Workplace in Texas by workplace culture authority Great Place to Work®

To determine the companies selected for its 2020 list, Great Place to Work analyzed anonymous survey feedback from nearly 55,000 employees across Texas, all with a focus on how their organizations work hard to create a Great Place to Work For All

Employees responded to more than 60 survey questions which overwhelmingly focused on their experiences of trust in the workplace and their ability to reach their full human potential as part of their organization, no matter who they are or what they do. 

Great Place to Work analyzed these experiences relative to each organization’s size, workforce make-up, and what’s typical in their industry in Texas. Other survey questions focused on employees’ daily experiences of innovation, their company’s values, and the effectiveness of their leadership, to ensure their responses were consistently experienced. 

For WP Engine, another major factor that led to this recognition was its companywide efforts to build a safe, inclusive workplace. These efforts, which have been codified as Engine for Good, WP Engine’s social responsibility program, were launched in 2019 to advance the company’s global impact and stewardship for a positive future. 

Engine for Good focuses on three pillars: Open Future (WordPress), Open Doors (Diversity and Inclusion) and Open Hearts (Give Back). While the first pillar focuses on WP Engine’s significant investment in the WordPress community, the second and third pillars both play a large role in fostering the type of workplace for all Great Place to Work seeks to highlight. 

Under the company’s Open Doors pillar, Employee Resource Groups like Represents which aims to raise awareness of the perspectives and experiences of all racial and ethnic groups within the tech industry and increase the equality of opportunity and Sheroes, a group that aims to inspire women in technology to own their paths to professional and personal successes, have held and participated in multiple events to support diversity and inclusion here in Texas.

Additionally, WP Engine employees in Texas have volunteered more than 1,150 hours and $160,000, across 26 community events including Austin Humane Society, Bike MS, Code2College, Central Texas & San Antonio Food Bank, Dam That Cancer, Movember, The Thinkery, We Are Blood and many others.

All of these efforts help make WP Engine the great place to work it is today. Building an environment in which people can authentically be themselves is intrinsically tied to progress and performance. 

Find out more about why WP Engine is consistently recognized as a great place to work at our Great Place to Work profile or our Careers Site.