For the third year in a row, WP Engine has been named a Fortune Best Workplace in Technology, a designation that recognizes companies with highly fulfilled, engaged employees and a strong focus on innovation. 

To determine the companies selected for 2020, Fortune partner Great Place to Work®, analyzed anonymous survey responses from nearly 300,000 employees working in the U.S. tech industry. Employees answered more than 60 survey questions and described the extent to which their organization creates a Great Place to Work For All™

Eighty-five percent of the evaluation was based on what employees said about their experiences surrounding trust in their place of work and their ability to reach their full human potential as part of their organization—no matter who they are or what they do. The remaining 15 percent of the evaluation was based on an assessment of all employees’ daily experiences of innovation, the company’s values, and the effectiveness of their leaders, to ensure they’re consistently experienced. 

The recognition comes on the heels of last week’s Great Place to Work For All Leadership Awards, where WP Engine CEO Heather Brunner was named as a Great Place to Work For All Leadership Award CEO Honoree.

Both awards focused heavily on WP Engine’s companywide efforts to build a safe, inclusive workplace, codified as Engine for Good, which is the company’s social responsibility program launched in 2019 that advances WP Engine’s global impact and stewardship for a positive future. 

Engine for Good focuses on three pillars: Open Future (WordPress), Open Doors (Diversity and Inclusion) and Open Hearts (Give Back). While the first pillar focuses on WP Engine’s massive investment in the WordPress community, the second and third pillars have played a major role in fostering the type of workplace for all that both awards seek to highlight. 

Because we believe that businesses of all types thrive on all forms of diversity—diversity of ideas, diversity of beliefs, and diversity of people—we’re intentional about it at WP Engine. We agree to disagree and consciously embrace both differences and equality, we open our doors wider and share opportunities and information more freely, and we invest inside and grow stronger from within.

All of these efforts, alongside our employee-led, charitable giving, have made WP Engine the great place to work it is today. Building an environment in which people can authentically be themselves is intrinsically tied to progress and performance, and we see that at work every day.

WP Engine CEO Heather Brunner with WP Engine Employees, celebrating a donation as part of the company’s Engine for Good initiative

To find out more about why they felt WP Engine was a great place to work, we asked WP Engine employees themselves what they liked best about working for the company:  

“For me, WP Engine is a great place to work because you’re surrounded by incredibly bright, talented, yet humble colleagues, who consistently blow you away with their creativity and natural bent for progress and innovation.” 

VP of Product Laura Kelso
WP Engine employees take part in International Women’s Day at the company’s Austin, TX headquarters

“When I first started at WP Engine, I was, and still am, amazed at how many people wanted to lend a helping hand, share their process for success, and guide me on a path to success in my role. To me, this is a great place to work because we strive to be better together and win as a team.” 

Partner Account Executive Lauren Schaeffer
WP Engine employees at a happy hour for one of last year’s companywide All Hands events 

“For me, WP Engine is a great place to work because leadership listens and acts directly on the feedback of employees to create the type of company we all aspire to work for. I also appreciate that hard-work is encouraged, and we’re given ample opportunity to succeed.”

Visual Designer Eric Dowdy 
WP Engine employees take part in one of the company’s bi-annual hackathons

“What I admire most about WP Engine is the people who rock at what they do and make us a leader in our space. The talent here, my colleagues, and what we produce is what makes WP Engine such a great place to work.”

Customer Success Manager Jessica Meis

Want to find out more about what it’s like to work at WP Engine? Check out our Great Place to Work profile, and visit our Careers Site for more information about working at all of our global offices and the types of positions we’re hiring for right now!