What makes a great place for Millennials to work? For those born after 1980, it’s not just about ping pong tables and a stocked snack pantry. Although the rising young professionals are often stereotyped as lazy and entitled, turns out an opportunity for growth, a fulfillment of purpose, and a collaborative work environment are the three workplace attributes they hold in highest regard.

This generation, now the largest group in the workforce and a driving force behind workplace change, want their job to fit their life. For millennials, this means flexibility, autonomy, and the ability to do work that has meaning and matters.

Fortune has released the results of its third annual list ranking the 100 Best Places to Work For Millennials and we are thrilled to announce that WP Engine has ranked No. 79 nationally.

To determine its Fortune ranking, Great Place To Work surveyed nearly 400,000 employees from more than 600 companies that already have reputations as great places to work. Millennials (born 1981 or later) ranked companies based on three factors:

  • 50 workplace quality questions including managers’ competence, respect, and fairness in the workplace, opportunities for meaningful work and great colleagues
  • Comparison to other generations in areas like access to meaningful work, fair pay, and plans for a future with their company
  • A Consistent Experience with a Diverse Group meaning is the company creating a great workplace for all Millennials, regardless of who they are or what they do for the organization. The anonymous responses resulted in a total score for each company, which was compared to the benchmark for organizations of that size. Companies needed to employ at least 50 millennials in order to be eligible.

“One of my favorite values of WP Engine is ‘Where the Best Get Better.’ I love the fact that I get to work for a company that invests tens of thousands of hours in its employees’ learning and development. WP Engine has given me the opportunity to learn without the fear of making mistakes, as well as grow in both my career and as an individual.” – Georgia Arrindell, Employee Experience Coordinator

WP Engine Named Top Place To Work For Millennials

“WP Engine allows me to take on responsibilities and pursue areas of interests that align with my career goals. It is extremely rewarding to work for a company with people that not only care about me as an individual, but also provide me the feedback and support I need for growth. I’m also thrilled to be in an environment where everyone from the top down doesn’t just talk the talk – they also walk the walk.” – Hong Nga Nguyen, Associate Affiliate Manager

WP Engine Named Top Place To Work For Millennials

“WP Engine is a fast moving company that is designed to bring out the best of you by being customer inspired and built to last. Prior to working here, I didn’t feel challenged, heard or empowered…now I do, and it keeps me going! We’re diverse, futuristic and competitive.” – Luis Saucedo, Sales SMB

“For me, it’s not the free lunches, unlimited vacation or work/life balance, it’s feeling inspired and empowered every day. As I continue to grow and improve in my role, my manager has my back and trusts me 100%, but is also an industry veteran who positively guides and expands my expertise. In him, I see myself in 5-10 years. That’s a great feeling personally and professionally. We also have our own theme song.” Killian Hagen, Advertising Copywriter 

Check out the full list here!