As the world watches in horror, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to leave heart-wrenching destruction in its wake. It is truly shocking that in 2022, a major world power would launch an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation, causing the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since WWII.

As they face unimaginable hardships, we stand firmly with the Ukrainian people and condemn the actions of the Russian government in Ukraine.  

In addition to its military assault on a peaceful neighboring country, the Russian government has launched a widespread disinformation assault on its own citizens, stifling free speech, curbing internet access, and censoring independent media organizations. 

These are all the ugly consequences of war: the displacement of people, loss of life, destruction of property, and silencing of open and free communication. 

Soon after the invasion began, WP Engine set into motion a number of humanitarian efforts. Corporate donations and matching employee donations went to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, which is providing humanitarian support in the conflict zone, as well as Polish Humanitarian Action, which is assisting refugees on the Polish border. Please consider joining us and donating to these organizations.

Additionally, our team members in Poland are working with the local Polish authorities to offer the use of our office in Krakow to give refugees a place to work from and to provide a space where parents and children can feel safe while they sort out their next steps.

All of those efforts are providing much-needed supplies and support to those who have fled Ukraine as well as those who remain in the country, and we plan on increasing our support and related activities over the coming days and weeks.

As part of that effort to increase our support, we are adopting a stronger stance against the actions of the Russian government while supporting the ideals we hold true as an Open Web company, which is why WP Engine has joined with other Open Web companies Acquia, Fastly, Gatsby, Netlify, and Pantheon to stand with Ukraine. WP Engine has ceased all business with Russian companies that were using our platform. 

Please find our full statement below:


We are aghast at Russia’s invasion

and have ceased doing business with Russian-owned companies. 

The internet is humankind’s most essential link to the outside world.

People in all affected countries need access to it now more than ever. 

As Open Web leaders, we have a responsibility to help. 

We are supporting the work of to ensure a free and open internet, 

and invite others to join us.

Pantheon,  WP Engine,  Acquia,   Gatsby,   Fastly,   Netlify

We cannot allow the perpetrators of these attacks to also stifle access to information and silence open communication. As a leader in the Open Web community, we believe that all people, no matter where they are in the world, should have access to the internet. We also feel a deep sense of responsibility to do everything we can to protect the internet, which has become the most important tool for human progress, because its integrity is critically important—especially in times of crisis.

In joining with Acquia, Fastly, Gatsby, Netlify, and Pantheon in this effort, each organization has also pledged support for the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), which is a non-profit, free software project that aims to empower decentralized efforts in documenting internet censorship around the world. 

OONI’s mission, in part, is to help create and defend an internet where human rights—particularly freedom of expression and access to information—are promoted and protected around the world.

Our statement and support is another step toward standing up to those who are stifling access to information and silencing open communication. 

We encourage others who share our passion to protect internet access to share our social media posts to help raise awareness.