In the midst of the current events surrounding racial injustice around the world, WP Engine is dedicated to doing the work required to combat systemic racism, bias, and violence experienced by the Black community. 

As discussed in companywide meetings and conversations, each of us has a role to play, and these systemic problems require a holistic response. WP Engine must live its corporate values in a way that reflects our strengths and expertise.

One of the elements of this response begins today, June 19th, which is Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. 

Through July 19th, WP Engine employees will raise money in support of the Black community through efforts directed by our employee resource group, Represents. Represents seeks to intentionally raise awareness of the perspectives and experiences of all racial and ethnic groups within the tech industry and increase the equality of opportunity. 

WP Engine is engaging with three organizations that work to advance social justice, create opportunities for all in technology, help community organizers address racial inequality, and offer solidarity with the Black community. The company will match every dollar donated by an employee from June 19th – July 19th. 

WP Engine encourages each employee, as they are able, to lend support to the following organizations:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • The ACLU
  • Black Girls Code

In addition to our engagements with the above organizations, WP Engine will continue to hold internal meetings aimed at moving the conversation forward, convene discussions on the issues of race and inequality, and look for ways to take action as we address these issues.

WP Engine has also joined and is donating to the Notley Tide initiative based in our headquarters of Austin, TX. WP Engine’s Chairwoman and CEO Heather Brunner, along with several other CEOs signed the initiative’s Racial Justice Action Open Letter, the goal of which is to amplify their impact as business leaders by communicating a unified commitment to take action to advance racial justice.

“We want to be an organization that not only encourages employees to continue to learn and grow but also to take action. This effort signifies a commitment to one of our core values, to do the right thing. The fight against injustice is a lifelong journey, but one we are proud to keep fighting.” 

— Nakware Howard, head of WP Engine’s Represents ERG

Represents’ will continue to lead companywide conversations on race. Its next topic is focused on “how we can have difficult conversations with our kids.” By supporting Represents and the important work of the organizations above, WP Engine hopes to play a positive role in the movement against injustice and support meaningful change in our society.

Please click here for more information about WP Engine’s employee-led efforts to create a positive impact both inside and outside our organization.