WP Engine UK has once again been recognized as a Best Workplace in Tech by Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture. 

Placement on this year’s list comes just months after our London office was named a Best Workplace for Wellbeing, and it marks the third time since 2015 that WP Engine UK has been acknowledged as one the UK’s Best Workplaces in Tech.

Making this year’s list, which surveyed hundreds of technology companies across the UK,  is also a testament to our UK team’s commitment to WP Engine’s Core Values, and affirms that: 

  • WP Engine UK is a great workplace for all, where all employees are able to reach their full human potential, no matter who they are or what they do.
  • WP Engine UK is an organization built upon trust, where employees are proud of the work they do, and enjoy working in the technology industry.  
  • WP Engine UK recognizes the importance of innovation and career growth for employees in the technology industry. 
  • WP Engine UK prioritizes the wellbeing and work-life balance of employees to provide positive experiences at work.

WP Engine UK, (which includes our London team and our remote UK team members) ranked as one of the top medium-sized companies listed by Great Place to Work UK. To become eligible for the list, companies must have between 51-250 employees and they must excel in Great Place to Work’s Trust Index employee survey.

“Making back-to-back placements on the Best Workplaces in Tech list is a wonderful external validation of the amazing camaraderie, support, and trust our employees extend to one another every single day across the UK and the globe,” said WP Engine SVP and Managing Director, International, Fabio Torlini. 

“Our London office, which was WP Engine’s first international location, has continued to receive this type of recognition precisely because we are so passionate about living our Core Values and ensuring this isn’t just the best technology company to work for, but a great place to work, for everyone.”

WP Engine UK employees celebrate the company’s top sales performers at a getaway in Mexico. From left to right: Sam Pleeth, Marcus Alter, Tara Kelly, Simon Lemos, Sully Dawji, Kelsey Webb, Alex Schimpf, John Wokoh, and Robert Kielty.

“Now in its fifth year, our 2022 list showcases the largest collection of Best Workplaces in Tech that the UK has ever recognized,” said Managing Director of Great Place to Work UK, Benedict Gautrey.  

“These results are based on what employees working in the technology industry have anonymously reported to us about their workplace experience. In a fast and ever-evolving industry, these organizations are at the forefront of ensuring employees have the right environment to thrive, they are focused on providing positive work experiences, they value diversity, differences and better ways of doing things and, importantly, are investing in effective leadership to ensure continuous growth. A huge congratulations to WP Engine UK for making one of our most prestigious lists.”

Certification by Great Place to Work is an indication of a company’s commitment to building a strong workplace culture based on openness, communication, and trust. 

WP Engine UK Employees Celebrate a Work Night Out. From left to right: Arrun Bawa, John Cambridge, Alexander Lorie, Krestina Najjar, Celestina Ogunremi, Laura Sokolovska, Paige Maiden, Billie-May Ewudzi, Monhamed Nassar, and Sam Pleeth.

Our UK team’s continued recognition on this list is a testament to their leadership, and the work they do every day to ensure they’re building a positive workplace culture.

A huge congratulations to all of our UK team members, each of whom has worked together to make this recognition possible. We can’t wait to see what’s next for WP Engine UK! 

Looking for a Great Place to Work in London? Visit WP Engine to see how you can build your career alongside some of the best employees in the tech industry!