The pricing plans at WP Engine all have a certain number of “visits” that they can receive every month. At WP Engine, we don’t ever claim that an account will be able to receive “unlimited” visitors, but instead we set clear expectations about the service you will receive as a WP Engine customer.

We never throttle customers or cut their sites off for getting a traffic spike. Traffic spikes are often a great thing to happen to your site, and WP Engine wants to be your partner in that success.

When your number of visits exceeds your plan limit (here’s how we count visits), we charge you a small overage for each 1,000 visitors over your limit. Customers on Startup, Professional, Growth, or Scale plans will incur an overage cost of $2 per 1,000 extra monthly visitors.

As an example—if you are on a Startup plan and your product is featured on Shark Tank your site might serve 10,000 visitors over your plan limit. In this case you’ll see an overage charge on your bill for $20. This pricing model ensures that your site can handle lots of traffic without breaking the bank.

What is the Log Analysis?
The Log Analysis report is a report of the traffic to your site as determined by WP Engine’s definition of a visitor. The report goes into the type of traffic to your site: normal visitors, bots, feeds, and static visits. Also, the report provides you with the top URLs for each type of visitor.
How come Google says my traffic is different?
We understand there might be a discrepancy in traffic we are reporting compared to your analytics provider (Google, Clicky, etc). This is common, and we are happy to explain. For example, Google Analytics does not count pages that don’t have Google Analytics tracking code (e.g. your /wp-admin/), visitors not running javascript or running ad blockers, pages that don’t fully load, and non-HTML pages (such as your RSS feed, hot-linked images, etc).

Keep in mind, multiple hits from a single IP address within a 24hr period is considered “a single visit” and counts towards your plan’s visit allocation. Page views triggered by a “bot” do not count as a visit. Learn more about how WP Engine counts visits.

What if I consistently have more visitors than my plan allows?
The goal of your site should be to grow your visitors, and so that hopefully means you outgrow the plan you start with at WP Engine. If your site just barely exceeds your plan limits month-over-month, you’ll simply receive overage charges. However, once you pass a certain level of monthly visitors, it may make more sense to upgrade to the next plan.
I’d like to upgrade my plan, is this easily done?
You can easily upgrade to the next plan by sending an email to [email protected] or contacting your Account Manager, explaining what plan you would like, how you would like to be billed (monthly or annually), and providing your Support PIN, and we will upgrade you to the next plan.
How are overages billed?
The overage will be charged to the card you have on file on your “month-versary” (the day of the month your account was setup). It is quite possible you have prepaid for a full year. If this is true, you will still be charged monthly for overages. You will receive an invoice for the payment after you are charged.

The overages will appear as a “Visitor Overage Charge” on your monthly invoice. What if I am on an annual payment plan?

If you are on an annual payment plan, you only receive a single charge per year for your subscription. However, the you are allowed a specific number of visitors per month, regardless of your subscription interval. Because of this, you will see a monthly bill for any visitor overages incurred in the previous month.