Ecommerce KPIs: Seven Ways To Measure Scalability And Success

The ecommerce world is competitive and crowded, with thousands of sites duking it out for customers and sales. But what are the best KPIs to measure scale and determine success?

Historically, ecommerce stores measured success through sales, revenue, traffic, items sold, and myriad other factors. But those measurements can be incredibly misleading. For example, your store may sell items that carry a price tag of $200,000, so selling one item would show a significant revenue boost, but on only a single item sold. Conversely, if you sell small items with a sub-$1 price tag, the sale of 1,000 of those times in one fell swoop could also distort the numbers.

So what SHOULD you measure to determine success and scale for your ecommerce store? Discover the seven metrics to pay attention to become a true ecommerce rock star!

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