Using WooCommerce Funnels for Higher Sales

Using WooCommerce Funnels for Higher Sales

eCommerce sales funnels have become an essential tool for online store owners who want to maximize their sales and enhance customer experiences. 

By utilizing a comprehensive WooCommerce sales funnel, you can strategically guide potential customers through every step of the buying journey, from awareness and interest to purchase and beyond. 

Creating a WooCommerce funnel might seem complex, but there are a variety of high-quality solutions available that can simplify the process. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the basics of WooCommerce sales funnels and show you how to implement them in your eCommerce store. Here’s what we’ll cover: 

Understanding WooCommerce funnels

Before choosing a solution for building WooCommerce sales funnels, it’s important to understand how they work and how they can benefit your bottom line. 

What is a WooCommerce funnel? 

A WooCommerce funnel is a strategic sales process designed to guide potential customers through a series of steps aimed at maximizing conversion rates and increasing your average order value (AOV). 

When a visitor browses your store and leaves, WooCommerce funnels employ a deliberate sequence of pages and offers to shepherd the customer back on track toward making a purchase. 

WooCommerce funnels can include a variety of elements, such as product pages, upsell and downsell offers, order bumps, and thank you pages. 

Ultimately, though, these are tactics used to effectively guide potential customers through the purchasing process by addressing several critical stages:

  • Awareness: This is the point where potential customers first encounter your brand. They might find you through social media, online ads, word-of-mouth, or search engines. At this stage, they are looking to solve a problem or fulfill a need and discover that you might offer a solution.
  • Interest: Once aware of your brand, customers begin exploring your products. They read blog posts, browse categories, or sign up for newsletters to see if you meet their needs. They are determining whether your brand fits their requirements.
  • Consideration: At this point, customers evaluate their options by comparing products, reading reviews, and checking prices or features.
  • Intent: Here, potential customers show a clear intention to buy. They might add items to their cart, review product warranties, or check return policies, signaling they are close to making a purchase decision.
  • Purchase: This is the decisive moment where the customer completes the transaction by finalizing their selection, entering payment information, and confirming the order.
  • Retention: Post-purchase, retention focuses on keeping customers engaged. They may create an account, join a loyalty program, or follow you on social media, ensuring continued interaction with your brand.
  • Advocacy: Satisfied customers become brand advocates, leaving reviews, recommending your products, and sharing your content, which drives more potential customers to the Awareness stage.
a sales funnel with sections labeled for Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent, and Purchase in descending order

WooCommerce funnels encompass these stages to streamline the customer journey. 

While there are various ways to create WooCommerce funnels, leveraging the power of a WooCommerce funnel builder can help businesses create tailored experiences that meet the needs and desires of their target audience, ultimately driving higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Why use WooCommerce funnels? 

The primary advantage of a WooCommerce sales funnel is that a well-crafted funnel can significantly improve the customer journey, making it easier to re-engage users who have not made a purchase. 

By utilizing a WooCommerce sales funnel plugin, businesses can take advantage of pre-built templates and drag-and-drop functionality to create highly effective funnels without the need for coding expertise. 

By tracking these funnels and examining the site analytics of your landing pages (and other funnel elements), you can monitor performance and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. 

Key benefits of WooCommerce funnels 

WooCommerce funnels offer several key benefits that make them indispensable for any online store looking to maximize sales and enhance the customer experience. 

A well-designed WooCommerce funnel removes obstacles from the buying process, making it easier for customers to complete or add to their purchases. 

WooCommerce funnels also allow for effective upselling and cross-selling. By strategically placing related products or higher-priced alternatives within the funnel, businesses can increase their AOV and ultimately, their revenue. 

Funnels improve customer retention by creating a cohesive and personalized shopping experience. With the help of a WooCommerce funnel plugin, businesses can create customized experiences that resonate with their audience, thereby fostering brand loyalty. 

Additionally, WooCommerce funnels provide valuable insights because they allow for more granular analytics. These insights help in understanding customer behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to continuously optimize their funnels.

a person makes a purchase on a WooCommerce website. Using WooCommerce Funnels for Higher Sales

WooCommerce funnel components

There are a few key components you can implement to create a successful WooCommerce sales funnel

The most important aspects to optimize will be your landing pages, product pages, checkout process, and upselling and cross-selling strategies.

Landing pages

Landing pages can significantly enhance your sales funnel. These are individual pages that are optimized to capture visitor attention and drive conversions. 

Optimize these pages with your target keywords, use high-quality product imagery, write detailed product descriptions, and include clear calls to action that encourage your audience to make a purchase. 

Product pages

Product pages included in your WooCommerce sales funnel should be optimized to highlight key features and benefits, enticing potential buyers. 

By using a funnel-building plugin or similar tool, you can design product pages that seamlessly integrate upsell and cross-sell offers, maximizing revenue. Additionally, keyword-targeted content will ensure higher visibility for your products.

Checkout process

An optimized checkout process contributes to the best possible purchasing journey for your customers, thereby reducing cart abandonment. 

Optimizing your checkout can include adding many payment options, allowing for guest checkout, offering free shipping, displaying security badges and other trust indicators, reducing the number of required form fields, using Google’s Autocomplete for addresses, and more.

Upsell and cross-sell offers

WooCommerce funnels allow for the strategic placement of upsell and cross-sell offers, which encourage customers to add to their carts and increase the average order value. 

Cross-selling refers to the strategy of recommending an item that complements one already in a shopper’s cart. For example, if a customer has tennis shoes in their cart, a cross-selling strategy could include recommending the purchase of socks or special shoelaces.

Upselling, on the other hand, refers to the strategy of promoting a higher-priced product similar to the one a shopper has added to their cart. 

two developers optimize a WooCommerce sales funnel. Using WooCommerce Funnels for Higher Sales

How to create a WooCommerce funnel

How you build your WooCommerce funnel will depend on your store’s specific needs as well as the tool you use. 

It’s also important to do your due diligence and select a WooCommerce funnel solution that best fits your business model and goals.  

Choosing the right WooCommerce funnel builder

One of the most important factors for successfully utilizing WooCommerce funnels is selecting the right solution for your eCommerce store.

Look for features that align with your business needs, like robust analytics, customizable templates, and seamless integration. Also, look for a tool with strong documentation to help you set up and optimize your funnel.

Top WooCommerce funnel plugins

When aiming to boost your WooCommerce sales funnel, choosing the right plugins is crucial. Look for plugins that have documented success with WooCommerce stores, like the options below.

Promotional image used for FunnelKit listing in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Using WooCommerce Funnels for Higher Sales


FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels) is an intuitive and affordable Funnel Builder for WordPress offering pre-designed, mobile-responsive templates for custom WooCommerce checkouts, sales pages, lead generation pages, order bumps, one-click upsells, and thank you pages, all customizable with your preferred page builder. 

FunnelKit allows store owners to create unlimited sales funnels, guiding visitors to become loyal customers. The plugin also includes an easy-to-understand performance dashboard where you can monitor contacts, orders, revenue, and funnel performance in real-time.

Promotional image used for CartFlows listing in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Using WooCommerce Funnels for Higher Sales


CartFlows is trusted by over 250,000 websites and offers a complete package for optimizing WooCommerce checkouts and sales funnels, helping stores become more profitable.

CartFlows offers a streamlined checkout process that is user-friendly and optimized for conversions as well as real-time email validation, Google address autocomplete, new field interactions, an easy-to-use field manager, coupon box control, custom thank-you pages, and more.

Promotional image used for WP Funnels listing in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Using WooCommerce Funnels for Higher Sales

WP Funnels

WP Funnels is a visual funnel builder that helps store owners create high-converting lead and sales funnels in WordPress The plugin can create and launch funnels in minutes using pre-built templates and a user-friendly interface with simple drag-and-drop functionality. 

It integrates well with highly used page builders, including the WordPress SIte Editor, Elementor, Divi, Bricks, and Oxygen as well as Mail Mint for lead management and email automation. WP Funnels makes it easy to customize checkout pages, order bump offers during checkout, upsell customers post-purchase, and A/B test pages to optimize the user experience.

homepage of OptimizePress website. Using WooCommerce Funnels for Higher Sales


OptimizePress is a premium, comprehensive plugin for selling and delivering products or services online, integrating page building, funnel building, sales, checkout processes, and product delivery into one platform.

With 250+ conversion-optimized templates, easy opt-in forms, GDPR compliance, mobile responsiveness, compatibility with most WordPress themes and plugins, Google Fonts integration, easy inline editing, and more than 2,000 icons built in, OptimizePress offers a fast and simple marketing page-building experience that enables users to create professional, well-optimized pages with ease.

Setting up your funnel

Setting up your WooCommerce funnel involves a few key steps. Before starting, take some time to map out the ideal customer journey from landing page to checkout, and include all the individual elements you want your customers to experience. 

Then, start by downloading and installing the plugin through your WordPress dashboard. Follow the setup wizard to configure settings such as funnel steps, templates, and triggers. The plugin you choose should have an installation guide, so you can follow along to set up the plugin on your WordPress site. 

Utilize your chosen plugin to configure each stage of the journey, including opt-ins, upsells, and thank-you pages, email correspondence, link triggers, and more to ensure a seamless and engaging shopping experience for your customers.

Strategies for continued optimization of WooCommerce funnels

Sales funnel optimization is an ongoing process that will change with the preferences of your users, the introduction of new products, and changes in your market. Follow these general guidelines for continued optimization to keep your funnel running smoothly. 

Analyzing funnel performance

Understanding the efficiency of your WooCommerce sales funnel plugin is crucial for boosting conversions. 

Measuring key metrics such as conversion rates, drop-off points, frequently clicked links, and more will help you identify areas that are performing well and those that need improvement. Utilizing analytics tools within the plugin you’ve chosen can give you a comprehensive view of your funnel’s performance and highlight any bottlenecks.

A/B testing for funnels

A/B testing in your WooCommerce funnel allows you to compare different variations to find the most effective design and messaging. 

By continually tweaking on-page elements like headlines, CTAs, and product placements, you can optimize your setup to maximize conversions. This type of testing is key to understanding what resonates best with your audience and achieving the best possible conversion rate.

Build a better WooCommerce journey with WP Engine 

Leveraging WooCommerce funnels can significantly enhance your online store’s sales performance by optimizing the customer’s journey from initial interest to final purchase. By strategically creating targeted offers, streamlined checkout processes, and personalized follow-ups, you can improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction. 

Ultimately, a large portion of your sales success will come down to how quickly your site responds to your visitors, so to get the fastest speeds in WordPress all the way through the purchasing process, check out WP Engine’s WooCommerce hosting plans!

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