Using WordPress for Real Estate

You’re probably aware of the popularity of WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). If you work in the real estate business, however, you may have noticed that most general WordPress themes and plugins don’t really cater to your specific needs. 

Not to worry, however – there are themes and plugins specifically designed with real estate in mind. Thanks to WordPress’ open-source platform, developers have created solutions for almost any business scenario. 

In this article, we’ll cover a number of themes and plugins with features that are geared specifically towards realtors and the real estate business. If you’re ready, let’s jump right in!

WordPress for Realtors

Realtors often have unique needs when it comes to their online presence. While a real estate website is essentially a business site, it won’t be focused on eCommerce in the traditional sense. For instance, you probably don’t need a shopping cart for your home listings. Real estate sites can require robust database structures to handle listing data, however.

Fortunately, your WordPress site is capable of automatically generating many fields in its MYSQL database. This approach is what creates an excellent opportunity for realtors to use plugins and themes that make use of the WordPress structure and extensibility for listings and property information.

Real Estate Themes

If you’ve struggled to make WordPress work for your real estate business, this list is for you. Specifically designed with realtors in mind, these themes are built with features to help you create an amazing experience for your customers. 

1. WPCasa Elviria

WPCasa Elviria is a child theme of WPCasa, and is developed specifically for the real estate business. Along with a responsive design, Elvira comes with listings features like sliders and carousels, so you can display properties with style.

Additionally, this theme has widget-ready listings pages. This means that not only do you have the standard widget areas, but your listing pages feature custom widget areas for including property information and more. A wide variety of useful, free add-ons also come with the theme. These include several form options, advanced search, and maps.

WPCasa Elvira comes with two package options: Standard and Developer. Both packages offer a year of support and theme updates, in addition to layered Photoshop files for future alterations. You can take the Standard package home for a one-time fee of $55. If you like what you see, however, you can get five premium add-ons with the Developer package for $77.

2. Realtor

This theme offers some unique options right out of the gate. Realtor has two layout choices for property listings, various agent profile page options, and a property submission form. It also features a clean and modern design, and lets you create enhanced Google maps with pin identifiers. 

If you are looking to build a site with a membership model, or you just want to include some interactivity in your listings process, Realtor has some features worth checking out. Namely, the theme gives you login options for site users, so they can create profiles and submit new properties. 

The developer offers three package options. The annual $58 Starter package comes with just the theme, but the option to use it on unlimited domains. The Developer package includes all 68 TeslaThemes products for $99, or you can opt for the $299 Lifetime Developer package and get all current and future themes from this developer. 

3. Ultra

Sometimes you might be looking for a bit more flexibility in your theme. Ultra is a dynamic multi-purpose option, with many preset skins and layouts for a wide variety of uses. If your site needs to be agile and not necessarily fall in line with a traditional real estate approach, Ultra might be worth a look. 

A great feature of this theme is the built-in drag-and-drop builder with a live preview option. You can also drop in one of its demo sites with one click, test out your content with it, and then easily erase it and start over. 

Ultra comes with three purchase options, ranging from $59 to $89. Each package comes with extra builder add-ons and other extras. 

4. AgentPress Pro

Aside from ready-to-go layouts and pages, AgentPress Pro features the AgentPress Listings plugin. This tool turns your real estate theme into a listings management system. 

As a Genesis Framework theme from StudioPress, AgentPress Pro is built on the most popular WordPress framework there is. Secure, solid, fast, and responsive, you’ll be able to count on this theme and its many features.

StudioPress themes come included with all of our hosting plans, or you can get AgentPress Pro in a package deal with the Genesis Framework for a one-time fee of $99.95. That includes unlimited support and access to detailed tutorials. 

5. OceanWP

This multi-purpose theme features a clean, powerful look with a wide variety of layout and design options. OceanWP has demo sites ready to go with a one-click setup. Demo options range from free to premium, and hit just about every category imaginable. 

This theme was designed to be used with page builders as well. If you love a drag-and-drop visual design experience, you can use OceanWP with your favorite page builder tool. It’s also well-optimized for performance, enabling you to keep page loading times down.

Perhaps best of all, this theme is free to use. While some of the demo site options are listed as ‘Pro’ and do come with a price tag, the theme and everything you need to get started won’t cost you a thing. 

Real Estate Plugins

Once you have your theme picked out, it’s time to select some plugins. While some themes come with a few tools bundled in, there are several excellent real estate plugins out there that can add key functionality to your site. 

1. Realtyna Organic IDX plugin + WPL Real Estate

The Realtyna WPL real estate plugin is a property listing solution that can also sync up with your preferred Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This plugin offers flexible database management and a multi-site franchise solution. 

A free version of Realtyna WPL is available, and there’s a premium option for a one-time fee of $199. That tier comes with lifetime updates, one year of support, and unlimited site installations. 

2. Estatik

Estatik is a real estate plugin that includes key features like savable searches and wish lists. There are also several widget options, as well as customizable search, information request forms, and slideshows. You’ll even get a free theme that you can use alongside the plugin if you like.

There are both free and premium options for Estatik. The premium plugin will cost you $89, and includes additional features like agent support, private fields for admins and agents, and subscription plans with PayPal payment options. 

3. Easy Property Listings

This next plugin is a very dynamic and feature-heavy tool. Easy Property Listings offers a user-friendly approach to getting property listings online in a fast and easy way. With over 150 custom fields and seven custom post types, you won’t need developer skills to get your site set up just the way you want it. 

Listings can be sorted by date, price, or location. Additionally, they can be flagged as sold, under contract, and so on. The number of listings you can create is unlimited, which is a nice touch from a completely free plugin. 

4. Essential Real Estate

Essential Real Estate is another free plugin that’s still packed with premium-level features. With this tool, property listings can be submitted and managed through both the front and back ends of your site. In particular, this plugin is ideal if you want to add a membership option to your property listing site. 

You can create various membership options and property listing packages with this plugin, in addition to accepting payments through PayPal, Stripe, and wire transfer. Plus, as we mentioned, this plugin is free to use.

5. Directorist

The Directorist plugin is a multipurpose tool for creating business directories and classified listings. Versatility is the name of the game with this plugin, as it has unlimited custom field options so you can create directories for many different use cases. This makes it easy to meet the specific needs of your real estate site.

The Directorist plugin is also 100% responsive, and comes with multiple monetization options. You can create paid, featured, and claimable listings, in order to generate revenue on your site. This is a free theme, with a number of premium add-on features available.  

Expand Your Real-Estate Business With WP Engine

The National Realtors Association has noted that 42% of home buyers begin their searches online. Consequently, choosing the right themes and plugins for your real estate website is an essential part of developing an excellent digital experience for your customers. 

Here at WP Engine, we understand how important quality developer resources are for businesses of all sizes. That’s why our WordPress hosting plans come with several high-quality real estate themes and plugins ready for you to use! 

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