Dedicated Development Environment (DDE)

If you are on a Premium plan with WP Engine, you now have the option to use a dedicated server environment (DDE) for all development and/or staging environments within your sites.

Sites and Environments

On WP Engine, each account can create sites made up of multiple environments: production, staging, and development. These environments allow you to work with multiple iterations of your site, making changes in development, creating a working staged copy in staging for your stakeholders, and only pushing changes to your live, production website when you are truly ready.

With dedicated development environments, you can choose to put all staging and development environments created for your sites on a separate testing server. This is particularly useful if you need to test a new PHP version, perform load testing, or run long imports in a safe environment that won’t affect your production websites.

Add Dedicated Development Environment

To add a dedicated development environment to your WP Engine plan, start by reaching out to your Account Manager. Your Account Manager will work with you to determine which server options are best for your business needs.

Dedicated development environments can be purchased in the same types and sizes as any of WP Engine’s current Premium server offerings. Your production server environment does not necessarily need to match your development server environment.


Transferable sites are not currently compatible with dedicated development environments (they will not be placed on the development server when present).

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